Monday, December 16, 2013

Quiet Time

Lately I have been reading more and more blogs where the blogger apologizes for taking time away, being away with family for a weekend and not making it around to let their readers know whats going on, missing their weekly H54F posts! I use to do that a lot and on occasion still will just to let you all know that I haven't forgotten about you, or that while I am away I don't take for granted that you take time out of your lives to sit down and follow along in my neck of the woods. Your readership means the world to me, that you think what I have to say matters, that you take the time to comment and let me know your thoughts, there are no words for my appreciation. But sometimes you just need some quiet time, time to deal with things going on in your own world and there is definitely no need to apologize for that.

I started this blog so that I didn't have to write 50 of the same emails every week updating friends and family on where we were and what we were doing. On one of our major road trips I started emailing a group nightly to update them and it snow balled from there.. having said that this place has become something totally different for me at times. Don't get me wrong as much as I absolutely LOVE new followers and the blog world in general I don't by any means think I will make money off this thing, I don't care to make it a job. I really love to write and this is a place I get to do it, and sometimes its an outlet which is much needed.

This weekend I wanted to get here. We got the laptop back with a brand new mother board the other night (still on warranty - SCORE) and then it wasn't working when we got it home. Jason took it back the next day and they thankfully straightened out a few things in the store and he was able to bring it right back home. While it was gone I wanted to blog about new products I'm using that I love, I wanted to rant about things and couldn't and then it was sitting here and I just couldn't bring myself to get on here and write about products when I by no means felt like things were hunky dory in life!

If you know me at all you know that I am a person that pretty much tells it like it is and hopes for the same in return, or in a way I guess I use to be. I really thought about getting on here this weekend and just venting, saying what I was thinking about.. getting it out there and I didn't. I didn't use one of MY favorite outlets on account that someone might read it and be upset. I hate that. I hate that sometimes expressing yourself opens up the flood gates to people having an issue with your opinion. I was raised that honesty is always the best policy.. but is it? If someone pisses you off and you feel your reason is valid do you say something or keep the peace and let it go? And if you always choose to let it go does it turn future issues into something bigger then they are because you are still holding onto the past ones? I'm not saying something because its the holidays.. I'm not saying something because its better not too.. I'm not saying anything and that's pissing me off more! I am a dweller dammit and the more I don't say something about something that is bothering me the more I want to fly off the handle about it. Don't get me wrong I actually wouldn't say that I have a bad temper by any means I am actually a wicked bawl ass! I've ranted to Jason like its my job all weekend and he has graciously listened and at times laughed.. but at least I could talk about it.

So in the spirit of the holidays, or whatever I will say this. Sometimes people need to think with their head and not their heart, sometimes people just need to think period!! You can't expect people to help you if you aren't willing to do anything to help yourself. Often the hard decision is the best decision and when you least want to hear other peoples opinions that's when you probably need to hear it most! Sometimes you cant see what is when you are sitting on the inside, so let the people on the outside give some advice. Often if you are willing to listen, or have confided in this person in the first place you should know that they only have your best interest at heart.

Don't be a door mat, people will always take advantage of that. Take a step back sometimes and look at the big picture, your big picture and if your present situation and actions are going to get you to your future goals. Don't let someone else turn you into someone you don't want to be, no one is worth changing who you are. Take some time for you, having the option of focusing solely on yourself is a luxury, don't let it pass by without giving it the attention it deserves.. you deserve. Being alone isn't always the worst thing, sometimes its the best.

Tragedy happens, life is hard and although its not always easy you have to take the good with the bad. I will analyze every situation up and down and in the end I usually take a lesson from it, try not to dwell, look for what you are meant to take away from what you are facing and try to make it a positive. I tell myself this everyday. Embrace being a kid, but always be responsible... this is a life skill that is always helpful. Take initiative when you can and when its not necessary sit on the couch with a beverage of your choice and enjoy the little things because sometimes the big things just don't allow for that, take advantage of it while you can.

Life will never be simple, it will ALWAYS be full of hard decisions, have the guts to make the right one. Move on when its necessary, put in hard work when its worth it and be smart enough to know the difference. Your actions have consequences, even if you don't see them at the time. Often your actions affect other people, be the person you wish to see in this world! Life is too short to be unhappy. Treat people how you want to be treated.

Ok. I'm done. Sometimes a girl just needs to rant a little. I am by no means an expert on life, nor do I claim to be.. sometimes I just feel like things need to be said.

On another note in speaking of not being honest and consequences of your actions. I really want to get rid of Facebook. Truthfully I think Facebook is the devil and most of what is on there is CRAP anyways! But we move around all the time and meet people and then leave! We don't always travel with the same group of people and neither of us live in the place we are from.. therefore getting rid of Facebook means forfeiting keeping up to date on all the people we love, and then we go back to sending 50 emails a day and lets be honest we may get 10 responses (don't get me started on friends and bad communication). I don't want to miss out on pictures and updates but I often go back and forth about deactivating my account and just occasionally signing on quietly to check things out.

Honestly if I could delete half of my 'friends' (with zero consequences) I would happily keep Facebook but as much as it is my account you have obligatory friends that you just really don't have a choice about keeping. Oh being an adult is crap sometimes. You only think that when you get older you can do whatever the hell you want... that is a lie. Do you know social media is responsible for such a large amount of divorces (that has nothing to do with why I hate it, Jason and I have no issues in regards to trust and social media) what a pathetic statistic!

Anyways I am off to deal with the house people again.. a week before Christmas and shit still isn't done! To be expected I suppose! DO YOURSELF A FAVOR... DON'T BUY A KB HOME!!! Seriously.. if you take anything away from this blog ever, know that I would never lie to you and you should absolutely NEVER EVER BUY A KB HOME!!!

Alright I'm off to unload parcels that just came for Christmas, SUPER EXCITING! Also a huge THANK YOU to Miss Cathy, Jason and I are so grateful for your house warming gift, I think you are an amazing photographer and I couldn't be more proud to hand your work in our new home! Thank you so much for always thinking of us, we are so grateful!

Have a wonderful day all! Just over a week until Christmas!!

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