Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Our Long Trip Home and Halloween Fun!

Happy Hallows Eve all!!

I am going to stick to my word and tell ya'll about our trip home but I am also going to side track a little with some of our Halloween fun today!

As I mentioned before we had an issue with the Uhaul we booked for our trip home. As you know we both flew into Maine from different places and I am not going to lie with all our travel in the last 6 months the idea of flying into Maine for the weekend, flying home and then making the 18+ hour drive back for a week and then coming back was just not going to happen. We discussed it, or my absolute hate for the idea and the cost and just the travel time alone! We have a brand new house that I have no idea how long we are going to get to enjoy I didn't even want to think about leaving it yet again!! So we decided that we would book a driving Uhaul and spend a week there now and then make the drive home!

Jason ordered it online from a place about 15 minutes from his parents house, a corner store! I knew it was just too convenient and something would go on... how right was I. We got a call while there letting us know they would not have the size we ordered but instead one that was way bigger.. no thanks! If we wanted the size we booked we would have to drive 2 hours away! I was not happy but at this point getting a little home sick so Jason went and it got!

We managed to get everything in the Uhaul thankfully, when I first saw that thing I wasn't sure it was going to happen!! We decided that we would get on the road first thing Friday morning with no plan of how far to go and just see what happened. It was freezing cold that morning so although Dunkin Donut coffee sucks we stopped and got breakfast and an apple cider because it was going to be awhile before we got to anything else. Jason was so excited when we got out stuff.... oh New England...

I'm not going to lie our luck with driving this time wasn't great, the morning through Maine we encountered every single school bus and its mostly one lane roads, and the traffic basically continued! Thankfully the foliage throughout was beautiful!

The traffic didn't get really bad until New York, obviously! That's when the sitting started! Between New York and New Jersey we sat for about 4 hours! 

It was pretty miserable and once we got into Trenton, New Jersey and started moving Jason's eyes started burning so we just got a hotel and stopped for the night! 

The next morning I was excited knowing we were going to make it home! We woke up to a brisk morning in New Jersey and headed south!!

This is the Washington DC temple of the church of latter day saints ... it is simply amazing!! The pictures aren't great but we were driving at it!

We made really good time on the way home and were so happy to get here! Jason toured around and took in all the changes to the house! We decided to just unpack the Uhaul and get it over with! We put everything in the garage and slowly worked away at it and have been working away at it since! Its been a daunting task but today we put the last of the stuff inside away and it felt great! Just in time for Pumpkin picking!!

We stopped while out today and picked a few pumpkins off some character on the side of the road! haha, it wasn't exactly a pumpkin patch but things have been a little busy lately!! Either way we got good pumpkins and were excited to get to work tonight after dinner! 

Jason set up shop in the garage while I cleaned up from dinner and then we reverted to childhood... with wine and carved away!!

Note to self, get pumpkin carving knives because we have new knives that aren't meant for pumpkin carving!

Boy was I excited to roast these babies!!

My pumpkin!!! 

Jason and his pumpkin.. haha go figure! GO PATS!

All done! While we were carving our neighbors and their kids came over and introduced themselves and checked out our pumpkins! It was really nice, they are all super friendly!

Jason's pumpkin all done, he did a great job!

The pumpkin seeds turned out great!! We roasted them while having a nice little face time date with Mom and Dad!! 

All in all we had a great night, things are put away and the house is coming together! We have now gotten everything here put away so we will start slowly working on our list of things to get and do some shopping around. It finally feels like we are home and can really enjoy the place! The last couple of nights we have laid around with the fire on watching TV, made dinner and sat at the table and ate, its been really great. 

Funny how things come together and all the sudden it feels like all is right in the world. I got to bed at night feeling content and actually sleep, I wake up feeling refreshed, happy... excited for the day... its been awhile since that has been the case.

Home Sweet Home! 

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