Saturday, October 12, 2013

Negative Nellie!


I just typed happy Friday there but then realized it is after midnight and therefore its no longer Friday! I feel like a terribly bad blogger for having not been around here much but truth is one, I decided before that if I didn't have anything to say I wasn't going to bother to post and truthfully I feel good about that decision. On the days that I haven't posted I have thought about it, said to myself.. Nicole get your shit together and post! But I feel better that I didn't, I feel good not forcing myself to do something that doesn't feel natural. Sometimes believe it or not I just have nothing to say, and well.. that's OK! Secondly though I really feel like I have been a negative nellie, getting on here and bitching about everything that is going on with the house and although I love that this is a place that I can vent I don't want it to all be negative either! So that is why I haven't been here daily!

Life is semi boring with Jason not around and just getting use to a new place, but today that is all going to change! Brianne and lady Amelia are coming up in the morning to spend the day with me which I am VERY MUCH looking forward to! I cant wait to see them and just putter around Raleigh, after living here we spent over a year in Alaska and since then our trips back have been quick and to the point, come and deal with house stuff and leave, so any chance to familiarize myself again and get out is great! Then tomorrow night my Mom and Fiona get here for a week and I am so excited!!

I am super excited for visitors and for my Mom to see the house! I have a few things planned for the week, places to go and things to see that I think they will enjoy! Not living at home I definitely cherish my time with everyone anywhere and anytime I get it! Not to mention this weekend is Canadian Thanksgiving and I have lots to be thankful for!

Things haven't changed on the house front much since I last bitched about it, Tony came by today and dealt with a few things. On Friday morning a contractor is coming out to fix a few of our more major concerns and Jason will be home on Monday after.. I cant wait!

So that is really it here, as you can tell its 1:25am here and my sleeping isn't any better. I went to bed at almost 5:00am this morning partly because I couldn't sleep and then I got caught up in an ALF marathon! Do you remember ALF?

If you don't know who that is, I am sad for you! I LOVE the show ALF! I remember being a kid and watching it with my Dad all the time.. he always wants to eat the cat, he's from Melmac!!! Anyways I laid in bed last night cracking up watching this and therefore didn't sleep! I need to go to bed now though, or try at least because I have to get up in the morning and get ready before Brianne gets here!

I will have things to talk about while my Mom is here so stay tuned! I hope you all have a FABULOUS long weekend whether you are celebrating Thanksgiving or Columbus Day! A long weekend is a long weekend right! 

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