Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Happy Home Owners

That's a lie... being a home owner is a BITCH!

I truly thought being a homeowner of a brand new built home would be easy peasy! The reason we decided in the end not to buy an existing home was not just because we couldn't find what we were looking for but with our situation and traveling so much we didn't want to have projects to do when we would only have very short periods of time to actually enjoy the home in the first place! We knew in coming home this time per our agreement with our builder that they would address any issues that we had and have the appropriate people come in and take care of things.

Yesterday I met with the building superintendent and we went over a damage report we had issued to our builder after closing. I was under the impression that knowing our date of arrival and the things that needed to be taken care of everything would be scheduled as we gave them this week as a window because after that we have no idea how our time here will play out. Unfortunately yesterday it became quickly apparent that nothing was taken care of and that we were going to face scheduling issues. They had scheduled the HVAC people and never told me therefore I was lucky to be up and moving early yesterday because someone was banging on my door just after 8:00am, I didn't even know something needed to be done with the HVAC system.

This morning the painters were here banging on the door long before I expected them to be here, I received an email last night at 11:35pm from Tony telling me that he had scheduled them for today (with no time of arrival) and that he would have to take a personal day and would not be around to oversee things. Perfect. I was asked to go through with the main gentlemen and address all of the drywall and paint issues.. which are basically endless and I figured that not all of it would be taken care of, I was right. He addressed everything he could in the 10 minutes he was able to stay, told the guys where to go next and left. So I went through again with the other guys who although nice and killed a spider for me barely spoke English (I seriously don't think they hire professionals, they hire families) I taped things and addressed them and they worked away and said they were done, I followed up and it wasn't done, so I taped it again and addressed it again and then they said they were done... and left... they were NOT done! My house is again covered in dust from them sanding, paint everywhere although I followed them around when I noticed they were getting paint on my new hardwood floors, assholes. There were things they they didn't even address and by that time I had a cabinet guy in here ripping apart my wine rack so I couldn't exactly chase those goobers around yelling at them TO DO THE DAMN JOB! Most things in regards to the painters didn't even get done. The whole front porch needs to be fixed and painted and they didn't even look at it.

The gentlemen for the cabinets showed up, I was really worried about this because our wine rack needed to be replaced and I feared them ripping it out, putting a hole in the wall, ruining the back splash.. all completely rational fears with the experience we have had thus far! I told Tony that I would speak to the cabinet guy about how extensive the process would be because truthfully at that time I didn't realize how much of a big deal the problem with the wine rack was. All in all we decided to go ahead with it and minus the fact that the wall needs to be repainted and some grout for the tiles need to be redone it really wasn't a big deal. Besides the huge friggin' mess he made that he too didn't bother to clean up. He made a bigger mess of the drawers and didn't have all that he needed to replace what needed to be replaced. Stellar.

All through this I am emailing Jason who is furious about how things are going, furious that he is so far away and Tony isn't here like he said he would be. It is what it is at this point about him not being here but let me tell you this morning it was extremely overwhelming chasing people around, answering questions over the excessive drilling and hoping no one was doing anymore damage then they already had. When they left I just sat and stared.

I decided that I was going to do the touch ups in the living room, but honestly I don't have the right brushes I need and I cant go anywhere to get any because an electrician is coming to re-install the under cabinet lighting where the wine rack is because the cabinet guy wouldn't do it. So I thought I would go upstairs and start taping the loft space. I pretty much got all of it done and said SCREW IT and came downstairs called someone to come in tonight and give me a free estimate.. I am over all of this shit!

I'm sorry but this week has SUCKED! Jason left, painting is the devil, nothing is going right, I cant move the furniture that needs to be moved by myself because I cant drag it around on the brand new floors without scratching them and I have no one to help me. I haven't slept at all and every morning FIRST THING there is someone banging on my door to come in here and fuck things up worse then they were from the get go, I'm done. I am not a patient person to begin with but this is where I draw the line!

I found a stain on our BRAND NEW couch last night, it was scotch guarded so there is no reason there should be a stain, no one has sat on it and when I called the guy said, ya well I did it myself and there wasn't a stain, and by the way I didn't even charge you for the scotch guarding.. hmm why is that asshole? because you saw the stain? I didn't know that he didn't charge us for it, I never got a final invoice, just like I didn't get covers for the couch! You don't get something for nothing in this day and age therefore I have a feeling it was a problem before and that's why he didn't charge for the scotch guarding. Regardless don't tell me there is nothing you can do when I paid for it!

So my mission this afternoon is to write up another list of deficiencies that have still not be addressed so I can share those with Tony tomorrow if he is back to work and Jason has called Tony and told him he does not want anymore repair men, etc in here until he gets home, THANK GOD!

That is my scoop. I woke up this morning and it is a BEAUTIFUL FALL DAY! Finally we are at 59 degrees and windy, big sweaters and boots weather! I am absolutely it in love with it! I opened the windows just to smell the fresh air, I froze my ass off but it was TOTALLY worth it! I am hoping this electrician shows at soon to reinstall this light that is hanging so I can head to Target for some apple cider and melatonin.. this girl is getting some sleep tonight!

If anyone wants to come over and paint to save me the money feel free to let me know!

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