Sunday, October 6, 2013

Reasons Why Painting SUCKS!

Happy Football Sunday All!

Although I have not made it around the house taking pictures yet, I am kind of enjoying keeping you all in suspense, I thought I would share the reasons that painting sucks and I wish I had never agreed to do it while Jason was gone!

1. Taping.. Taping is the devil.

2. Endless prep work, yes this includes taping but it also includes drop cloths, mixing, pouring it (not on the new floors), ladders, etc.

3. Ladders. Turns out I am terrified of standing on the damn things! Its no secret I am afraid of heights, I absolutely despise bridges but I thought I would be OK with a four foot ladder, no dice.. it blows! My legs are extremely bruised from leaning into it so hard praying I wouldn't fall on my head and get paint everywhere and my knees and hip joints hurt so bad from being so tense while using the flippin' thing! From now on, I only paint the bottom half.

4. Corners. I hate painting around corners, trim, window treatments, etc. We have brand new Hunter Douglas blinds throughout the house and Jason assured me they wouldn't need to be taken off... he lied.

5. Touch ups. After completing two coats that feel like they took you FOREVER the last thing you want to do it touch ups, but you notice them and they are obviously necessary.. so lets get out all the paint again for a few spots.. and the dreaded ladder because most of the errors are naturally out of reach.

6. Clean up. Paint in messy, maybe just the way I paint but I was covered in it, my clothes, skin and the brushes and stuff.. ick!

7. Removing the tape... This is the biggest bitch! Besides I made the mistake of thinking I would rip the tape off and move furniture in and bed done... negative.

Sadly I still have two rooms to go! The Flex space should be fine because its just one wall but the bedroom it going to suck! I have a birthday coming, anyone want to get me a painter?

Its been a long day, again with no sleep so I am in bed now and hoping to catch some Zzz's because I have to meet with our contractor at 8:30am and that is usually when I am resting my eyes from a night of ZERO sleep.

Tomorrow I will take pictures if I don't have a million people in here doing work, on a good note though if they are I plan to ask them to do my painting too!

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  1. Make sure to use baby shampoo on your paint brushes. It keeps them nice and soft so you can reuse them over and over.