Sunday, October 13, 2013

Inspirational Men

In life I believe we are blessed with truly inspirational people, people who leave a mark in all different ways. We are all impacted differently and although I truly believe everyone in your life brings you something positive and teaches you something valuable there are some that are so special it's almost hard to describe.

I have been so  incredibly blessed in my life with having so many wonderful people who have impacted my life in a positive and forever changing ways. I have learned from others to be open minded, be informed, laugh louder and love harder, all extremely valuable lessons! I could list the wonderful inspirational life impacting people in my world but the list is too long, and via the title I suppose you think I plan to list the men, I don't... I plan to talk about one man.

Jason and I have been married 3 years this December and as you know when you marry someone their family becomes your family and that is a gift. Because we travel often and don't get a lot of real life face to face time you learn to make the most of the moments you have with people, make them count. We visit Maine when we can to see Jason's family and Toronto when we can to see mine, we make the most of it while we are there and look forward to our next visit.. We never leave assuming it will be our last. You don't think that every goodbye could be forever, that the last laugh should be tucked away because a new one may never come.

This afternoon Jason's grandfather passed away suddenly and a void has fallen on heavy hearts most likely to never be filled. A great man was lost, a great father, grandfather, role model and friend.

Death is a part of life, is often what people say at times like this but that does not take away the pain and sadness. You focus on the good times, the good memories and hope the ache that lies within will eventually fade...eventually.

I had the privilege of knowing Jason's grandfather, and I say that because it was exactly that, a privilege and an honor to know and learn from a great man and experience first hand the kind of admiration that came with being part of his life.

Bob was a fire cracker!! He hated snakes and loved to cook and boy was he good at it! He drank beer and a few other things ;) and lived to have a good time! He once told me not to worry about swearing in emails because him and Jason had said more colorful words then I could ever think of! Bob was a hard worker, having spent years in the coast guard being stationed in different places. Bob was a good father, I witnessed this through the love I saw in the eyes if his children, he was a good grandfather and I witnessed this through the love in the eyes of my husband.

After the passing of my own grandfather I clung a little closer to Bob when we would visit, I suppose looking to fill an emptiness... not to mention he reminded me so much of my own grandfather. He was special. When we were in Maine I always wanted to visit him at his camper and often when we arrived I planted myself on his deck while Jason toured around and enjoyed his company. We joked and laughed, drank and carried on, had good conversations... Conversations to remember. He was so proud of Jason and all he has accomplished, he told me that all the time. This was a man of amazing character, good values and pride was a high compliment not to be given lightly.

I was heart broken to hear of the loss of this great man tonight, and sad to think of all the lessons untaught, words of wisdom unheard, laughs to not be had, love not to be shared. 

I will say that in the short time I knew Jason's grandfather I came to love him, I don't know how someone could not. I will cherish every laugh, lesson and memory I have and find solace in knowing heaven received an amazing angel today and family members gone are now reunited. I hope grieving hearts find peace in his lack of suffering and learn from his "live everyday to the fullest and with a laugh" attitude. 

Only the good die young, and you were just a spring chicken. ;) thank you for your laughs, your lessons and most of all your kind heart! You will be greatly missed but will live on in the hearts if do many! I hope the your days are now filled with the sunny weather you loved so much and you enjoy health and happiness. I know you will smile down on us and for that I am grateful.

Until we meet again my friend! XO

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