Monday, October 28, 2013

Epic Fail!

Well if were just being honest I obviously cant keep up with the blog while other things are going on in life and I am going to stop pretending I can! Props to all you bloggers who no matter what find a quiet place to sit with your computer and blog away because for some reason I just cant do it. Something I really don't know how time would permit and sometimes I don't have the laptop and feel like I can only get so far on my phone anyways so I steer clear, and then feel guilty!

I know its been a very long time since I've been here but since my last post we have been in the process of moving, a lot. My Mom and Fiona came to visit, I had a birthday and then sadly Jason's grandfather passed away and I got on a plane without my laptop to Maine for a week. While in Maine we had to get a Uhaul and pack for the long drive home, once again. I'm so over traveling, no kidding there are no words for the misery I feel over traveling as much as we have in the last 6 months.... I don't even want to get in the truck to go to the store!!

So I figure the best way to do this is post updates and hopefully by Tuesday I will be done and onto bigger and better things! Today I have a lot of things to do but this morning I really needed some quiet time and this is exactly where I want to be and how I want to be spending that time!

As you know my Mom and Fiona came for a visit a couple of weeks ago to see the house, myself and some of North Carolina! I was really looking forward to seeing them and having the company as Jason was gone back to work and I had been alone for awhile! I was a little anxious though too as I am exceptionally directionally un-inclined and I worried about how I would get them to all the places they would want to see!

I'm not going to lie I felt like I a goober, I spent the week prior (when it was 100 degrees) bragging about the weather and the weather was CRAP the whole entire time they were here!!! I'm not even kidding you, cold and overcast!! I felt so awful because sadly it really did limit a lot of outdoor things to be done but thankfully shopping was a priority and most of that was to be done in doors!

Being from Canada most things there (OK all) are way more expensive then the States, and it does very State to State and being down south things seem much cheaper here! We went to all the stores they don't have at home and all the stores they do but could get things cheaper here. I couldn't help but laugh that we spent a good amount of time at Walmart buying things like tupperware! HAHA! Apparently its a lot cheaper here.

We really had a great visit and they went home with a ton of loot! Living away I cherish all visits and having people come to our home is such a wonderful feeling!!!

Things are slowly coming together around here. Sadly I have to cut this short because truthfully I am having a hard time sitting here while things are still undone! I feel like after today I will be in good shape!! The Seavey's are coming for dinner which I am super excited for but that means I really need to get my ass in gear as we haven't grocery shopped either!

Stay tuned for our trip to Maine, the North Carolina State Fair and some thoughts I've noted lately that I really want to talk about around here!

I've really missed blogging and felt terribly guilty for not making more of an effort to be here but sometimes life happens and you kind of have to go with the flow!!

I hope you will all check back tomorrow for a trip update with tons of pictures!!

Happy Monday!!

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