Thursday, October 10, 2013

In Just One Day...

Don't you just love those days when you feel like everything just comes together and works out in your favor? I'm not going to lie I don't feel like that happens very often, or at least it hasn't in the last week, so today was such a blessing!

As usual I don't sleep well so I didn't go to bed until after 2:30am last night and had to be up at 7:00am because Tony was suppose to show up and I didn't want to be just rolling out of bed. Tony never showed, he called at 11:30am. Not a huge deal I guess, who needs sleep.. right? It was definitely fall weather today though and that makes everything better, it was actually so chilly in the house that I turned on the heat this morning!! When I finally realized Tony wasn't coming I decided I would head out and do a little running around for awhile before the furniture arrived.

Do you remember a couple of months ago when I blogged about World Market? I wish I could find the post but I tried and I cant, regardless I blogged about it! Anyways the store is just FABULOUS and somewhat dangerous really, I could have seriously moved in or bought everything for my new house, neither of which Jason would be happy about! They just have amazing and unique stuff and everything is such a good price, I cannot wait to take my Mom there! I only bought a few things, all of which were necessary.. you know, hand cream which you can never have enough of, a basket because when you have a new house you can never have enough baskets and because lately I have been really feeling like baking I decided to start off slow and try one of their scone mixes! I will post about those Saturday!

After World Market I headed to Target because they are beside each other (how amazing is that?) and toured around picking up odds and ends needed. I got out of there spending less than $50.00, I consider that a win! Plus I was just so happy to get out of the house, it rained on and off all day but the air was crisp and there were leaves on the ground, it smelled like fall.. it was amazing!

When I got home I worked on another report for Tony of all the things that we want fixed in the house so Jason can go over it and then work out a plan with Tony for how things will play out when he gets home. While I was doing that the guys showed up to deliver our bedroom furniture as well as our new coffee table and end table! I'm not going to lie I was nervous about the bedroom set, it has been such a long time since I saw it and I couldn't really remember the color and was worried it would clash with the paint we picked, I just worry.. enough said! In the end I absolutely LOVE IT! I couldn't be happier with the set, I feel like when you walk in the room it is so grand and that is exactly what I wanted, I could not be happier with it.. check it out!

Please ignore the bed not being properly made, I just threw the covers back on when they put the bed together so I could take these pictures for Jason, I hadn't at the time intended on putting them on here! Anyways it is huge and heavy as hell! When I stand beside the head board I am only a few inches taller and I have to also take a running leap to get in it.. but I love it none the less! Having said that I am not use to it and when I went to walk around it I WHACKED my left thigh and fell to the floor in tears I seriously thought something broke I hit it so hard, I have a pretty nasty bruise and it is QUITE sore... I'd like to say that I probably wont do it again but that would be a lie. 

It was so great to see a room come together, to start to feel like this place is home! As if the bedroom wasn't enough the living room really came together as well. I absolutely LOVE the coffee table and end table, and I had help to move the couches in! The living room is no longer empty, it looks AMAZING and I have somewhere to sit and watch Good Morning America and drink coffee in the morning.. YAY!

The coffee table is amazing, I could not be happier with its rustic warm appeal, which is really the theme we have been playing on throughout the house. The thing is a monster though, it weighs 60lbs! Worth every penny!

What do you think? This picture makes me so happy! Ignore the temporary curtains in the back, we put those up before Jason left quickly mostly because it would creep me out if they weren't there. We plan to get new ones and what not when he gets home. I really LOVE LOVE LOVE the living room.. I can't believe that all it took was arranging furniture to turn things around so much for me here. I feel so much more comfortable, so much more at home! 

When all was put together and the delivery guys left I decided to make myself some dinner. I haven't really been cooking for myself because I really am happy with a sandwich or something for dinner, I am not a big eater and although I miss cooking for others I am quite happy to munch! However last night I had a dream about a grilled chicken sandwich with Franks hot sauce, so naturally I had to make it! It was DAMN GOOD! I got a cibatta bun at Target, toasted it with fresh garlic, Italian seasoning and some olive oil.. chicken.. hot sauce.. good! 

My sandwich was amazing, but incomplete. In my dream there were pickles and I absolutely LOVE pickles! There may only be 3 things in my fridge but one of them is pickles.. however they are pickles that have never been opened before and let me tell you they were not being opened tonight. I hate screwing with an uncooperative lid, and let me tell you I fought this bastard... I ran it under hot water, banged on the bottom, wrestled it on the floor and all I accomplished were some war wounds.. 

I know its stupid but I was SO FRUSTRATED! I was so mad I had to walk away or I was going to cry. Laugh if you will, it was only pickles but I hate not being able to do something and dammit I wanted a fucking pickle! In the end the jar won, so I tossed it.. TAKE THAT!

It was fine, I got revenge and sitting relaxing on the couch tonight made everything else seem irrelevant. I have been wishing for days things would just come together, talking myself into the fact that it is going to take time and a temporary TV stand or an unpainted wall is not the end of the world.. and its not. 

I felt really content tonight coming upstairs, I felt really good about the day and for the first time since we've been here truly blessed to have this house and all the possibilities at hand in making it our home. I got into bed tonight feeling at peace. Thinking my night could not get any better I picked up my phone to call Jason and noticed I had an email, FINALLY a quote from the painter.. guess what.. WE HAVE A PAINTER!!!! You really don't understand the excitement and relief this brings to my life. One morning next week someone is going to show up, paint the rooms in our house we need painted and its going to be done and I don't have to think about it again.. SO HAPPY!

I have a feeling I am going to sleep well tonight, I have nothing to get up for tomorrow in the morning and nothing to worry about tonight. I feel amazing! 

Tomorrow I am going to do laundry, organize our new dresser. I think I will bust out my camera for the first time in ages and take some good pictures of some of the things in the house for you all! I also plan to make a big pot of the new tea I got at Teavana, Pumpkin Spice Brulee Oolong Tea - its weird because I really hate all things pumpkin (don't unfollow me, I can't help it) but I was encouraged to try this tea and its amazing! It has a more creamy taste almost then pumpkin, its really incredible! I see myself enjoying a pot of tea and The Red Badge of Courage tomorrow afternoon!

I hope you all had as fabulous of a Wednesday as I did!! 2 more days until my Mom and Fiona get here!!!!

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  1. Ok, I love the furniture and the cozy living room but that sandwich looked amazing, ( minus the hot sauce). Is that a wood burning fireplace in the living room ?

  2. Oh, get one of those jar openers, it's a little rubber cloth. Works great.

  3. Buy the old fashioned can openers (used mostly for tins where you just want a v-shaped hole). They are cheap. Put the pointed end under the lid & pull slightly until you hear a 'pop' and then the jar will open easy peasy! I was going to add a picture, but don't know how to do that!
    Everything looks beautiful!

  4. Steve, It is a gas fireplace! We had a wood burning in Alaska and I loved the smell, etc but it was just so messy! And yes I absolutely NEED a jar opener.. I was so furious!
    Thank you "unknown" for the tip and comment! I greatly appreciate you stopping by! :)