Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Best Day Off!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

What a GREAT day off! I got to sleep in this morning and lounge around in the quiet which is always great! I got some laundry done and cleaning before Jason got home just after lunch to pick me up for our dentist appointment. Now anyone who knows me knows that I am absolutely terrified of the dentist, and it doesn't help that we never stay in one place so I always have to see a different dentist, which means new xrays, new assessment.. which is the worst! The lady who did my cleaning was absolutely AWESOME though, she did an absolutely amazing job and I didn't get the urge to bite her.. not once!

After the dentist Jason and I decided that we were going to head to the Alaska Zoo! It was great, both Jason and I always compare all Zoo's to the Toronto zoo which isn't really fair because the Toronto Zoo is the second largest zoo in North America! It was good though, all of the animals have been rescued from a bad situation and are being cared for there, which is always a good thing! We always enjoy the zoo anywhere.

We did grocery shopping before heading home and Jason made halibut for dinner.. honestly nothing compares to fresh Alaskan halibut. Tonight we baked it with salt and pepper and a little bit of lemon juice and it was honestly amazing! I really am not a fish lover but Ive never tasted fish that is so good.

So that's about it Jason got a cord for his camera so I was able to upload the videos from their halibut fishing trip! I got everything ready for tomorrows dinner because we are both late every night now and I got stuff ready for Thursdays dinner because its going to have to be so super quick because we are heading to the Miranda Lambert concert!! SO EXCITED!

That's our scoop, back to work tomorrow unfortunately! Its suppose to rain for the rest of the week.. GO FIGURE! I guess one sunny day a week isn't bad!

Anyways I have to run, Jason is waiting to put a bunch of our pictures from the computer on Cd's and I'm going to go for a shower! Hope everyone had a great day!


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