Sunday, August 5, 2012

Another Weekend come and gone..

Well hello all,

Unfortunately another weekend has come and gone.. for those of us in the US at least because I believe at home you are all taking advantage of another long weekend!!

Nothing much has been going on here.. its been shitty weather.. GO FIGURE! Honestly I swear if we get one nice day its followed by 4 shitty days! I don't know what the hell, this morning I woke up and the apartment was FREEZING! More than usual!

Anyways I had a really bad week at work, everyday I was getting screamed at by residents strictly for being the messenger. I don't get to make major decisions and trust me if I did I would do things so different, 99% of the time I agree with the residents on their dispute! Its just been everything this week. We have a resident who in May had her kitchen flood, a drain line above her kitchen split and Deanna wouldn't take her seriously when she was repeatedly calling and saying that it was raining in her kitchen. In the end they had to cut a huge hole in her ceiling and take her appliances out and her kitchen was basically out of commission for a week. There was no compensation, nor did they bother to rush and fix it.. when they were finally did Tom had to go in and help Clayton and was EXTREMELY rude to her and she was sooo upset, understandably. Well this week a drain line split above her master bathroom and master closet.. soaked everything.. had to have her carpets cleaned.. HUGE pain in the ass.. she wants compensation on her rent. Last time she had to eat for a week and this time she is having to dry clean a bunch of stuff and rewash everything in her closet, I don't blame her! WELL they said that they would give her $25.00 on her rent and they thought that was MORE THAN FAIR! Its honestly insulting to this woman in my opinion.. they don't care!

I had another TERRIBLE move in, Deanna rented to them and the people who lived there before were evicted and there were stains on the carpet! OF COURSE they wouldn't replace them and OF COURSE I have to do the move in and get to listen to people be upset, angry and disappointed.. its awful and I'm sick of it!

I also found out on Friday that apparently they are planning to go away in January or February down to the lower 48 to tour around in their motor home! I AM NOT GOING TO WORK AND BE ON CALL FOR ANOTHER MONTH!! I agreed to do it in September strictly on account that there was no other way they would give me time with everyone was here.. but this is taking advantage.. in the biggest way ever! NOT HAPPENING!

Anyways.. Friday night Jason and I went down to Ship Creek because the Silver Salmon were suppose to be running! Well they really weren't, not like I had expected at least! We saw a few people catch some but it wasn't like I thought! Here is a kind of crappy picture of one but its better than nothing.

We left there and hit Walmart before coming home! Yesterday Jason and I both worked all day, and it was raining and crappy! For some reason my knees were aching sooooooooooooo bad! My left knee hurt the worst its hurt in years! I came home and made dinner and than sat on the couch for the rest of the night with a heating pad.. I assume its the miserable cold and rainy weather but it was awful!!

Today Jason had to go into work this morning for a couple of hours so I got up and talked to Barb for a couple of hours! I got ready and cleaned up the apartment and when Jason got home we headed out to do a few errands. After that we decided it wasn't TERRIBLE out so we would head up to Arctic Valley and see if there were any bears hanging around, Mel and Jason saw 2 last weekend up there!! We didn't see any bears but we did see a great view! Check it out!

When we got home we decided to have a visit with the Goodwin's! Its so VERY RARE that both Jason's have the same day off, if there is any time off at all, so we like to make the most of it and Jason never gets to see Myles! Not to mention I haven't seen Myles in a week and I really miss him... at this age in a week he changes so much! Today he learned to drink from a straw, had ice cream for the first time.. haha see you miss a day and you miss so much! He has really only seen Jason a couple of times, but they seem to get along.. haha what do you think??

You know how kids love Jason! Myles seemed pretty impressed with Jason too.. or he figured no one was hovering or trying to take him away so it was all good.

Anyways Jason is just making dinner and we have a pretty quiet night planned, nothing exciting! I'm reading a really good book right now and Jason is tired from getting up early so we'll probably go to bed early.

Back to work tomorrow unfortunately! I honestly might lose my shit tomorrow and get fired.. last week was so bad and I'm sick of doing everything by myself! I'll try to be on my best behavior though and keep in mind I have Tuesday off and its suppose to be nice out!

I hope everyone has had a great weekend or are enjoying their long weekend!!

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