Sunday, July 29, 2012


Well what a great weekend! I wasn't sure things were going to play out as planned.. and technically they didn't exactly but it still turned out to be a great weekend!!

Yesterday Mel picked me up at lunchtime at work.. I was all ready in my capris and tank top, super stoked to hike the Trail of Blue ice! But on our drive south we started to notice it clouding up! Well let me tell you by the time we got to Portage it was FREEZING, WINDY and RAINING! Seriously we left Anchorage at 72 and sunny and got to Portage where it was 59 and raining.. WHAT THE HELL!?! Mel and I talked about getting out from "under a dark cloud" of being so miserable in our surroundings and the flippin' dark cloud followed us!! So we toured around the Begich Boggs Visitor Center and took some pictures around the visitors center but honestly it was just too friggin' cold to go hiking! My ears were hurting and my hands were freezing, poor Myles didn't have a jacket on account we were expecting shorts weather, Mel wore my sweater because I just happened to have a jacket with me.. we weren't expecting weather like that AT ALL!

Regardless of the shit weather that we should absolutely be use to by now we decided to make the most of our time up there and being out of Anchorage and touring around as much as possible! We still got amazing pictures, which I sent out yesterday! We really had a great day, and although Ive already been there a couple of times the pictures are different and we stopped at places I too had never been, it was an awesome day! Myles naps just happen to fall into place nicely as well which is always a plus.. he does so well on all of our outing's, its so great!

Last night Jason and I decided to go to the Firetap Alehouse for dinner! I really didn't feel like cooking and we need to do some grocery shopping so we headed out! Jason got this massive Calzone, I wish now that I would have taken a picture of it because it was hilarious!

Today we got up and headed to ARCTIC THUNDER 2012 at Joint Base Elemdorf Richardson (JBER).

Check out the info:

The show was amazing, we toured around looking at all the airplanes, we went into a few and got to see some amazing airshows! The raptor was amazing, the the thunder birds.. what a great show! I sent out the pictures already via snapfish so I hope you all enjoy! If there are any of you that are not on my photo emailing list and would like to be just let me know!

We met up with Jason, Mel and Mr. Myles for awhile and then everyone headed out! By the time we left there and actually got off base it was after 5pm so again we were lazy and decided to go out to dinner. I wanted to go grocery shopping but Jason was completely against it, so he decided on Lonestar Steak House! We had dinner, came home.. Jason said he was getting RIGHT in the shower and then in bed.. he made it to the couch and was asleep in minutes! I made lunches and had a shower and thought I would blog for all of you before going to bed.. plus its only 7:30pm.. haha Jason has been in bed since 7pm.. lazy bugger!

So back to work tomorrow unfortunately!! I hate my job.. I'm just trying to suck it up but I honestly hate it.. I'm looking so forward to Tuesday even though Jason and I have dentist appointments! We were thinking about checking out the Anchorage Zoo afterwards but we'll see how it plays out!

I hope everyone had a super great weekend! I am being so much better about blogging just like I said.. haha!


  1. Pictures of the air show were great! Glad you had a good time. Sorry to hear about your shit weather, we could use some that rain here. Again this week is every day above 30! LOL.
    Check your facebook messages and you will see what I did. I will send a pic shortly!
    You know how I feel about zoo's, yet you post that you are going to go see another one ! (sorry, but I have to rib you about going to zoo's!)
    Love you guys and miss you tons!!!

  2. Haha Fiona I will make sure to exclude you from the zoo picture album! It kills time, besides I gave up the circus for you!! Im not really thinking about the zoo right now I am thinking about how terrified I am about going to the dentist and how I hate constantly having to go to new people who dont understand my fear of the dentist! You may not get a blog tomorrow on account that I may not survive! Miss you tons, love you lots!