Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Salmon Fishing..

Hello all,

I thought I would blog tonight while I had a few minutes and tell you all about my week thus far! Yesterday was a slow day at work and Deanna really wasn't around at all. It kills me that she is in the office with me 2 times a week and at least one of those days she doesn't show up. Whatever Ive been on a slipper making kick, I have 3 pairs sitting and ready and have been on a roll.. I think we are going to need to go and get some more yarn soon!

We didn't go anywhere last night because Jason is sick, we decided to stay home last night so he could rest which was probably wise because he felt a lot worse today!

This morning I got up early and Mel, Myles and I headed to Bird Ridge and Bird Creek.. Mel saw her first Alaskan Moose! We had lunch and toured around.. took a long walk this afternoon! It was a good day! Poor Myles was a little out of sorts this afternoon.. poor guy is going to be a year old at the end of this month and still hasn't gotten a tooth! His poor mouth has to be killing him.. A little quality time and a rare glimpse at the TV seemed to help!

We had just gotten back from a walk and I opened his cup with a straw so he could have a drink and sprayed the poor guy right in the face! As you can see he was like.. What the hell are you doing?

Mel really doesn't have the TV on for Myles ever, but he LOVES Sesame Street.. this is Myles in the zone!

You could seriously talk to him and touch him and it was like you weren't even there! Isn't he so freakin' cute!

Tonight we had a pretty AWESOME dinner, we have been talking about making skewers forever! We bought the skewers awhile ago and just kept forgetting, so we decided the other day while at the grocery store to get the stuff we needed to make them. Check it out.. soo good!

Definitely no point in buying them already made at the store, this took me all of 10 minutes to put together! They were honestly soo great, reminded me of the cottage where we use to make them all the time!

After dinner I was feeling exhausted, hoping that I'm not getting sick! Jason still isn't feeling good at all but really wanted to go for a walk so we decided to head down to the river and Jason brought his fishing rod. Check out what he caught..

Isn't it a decrepit looking little thing!

Jason thinks this is possibly what they look like towards the end of the run, and this year was a bad year.. I don't know... it is a salmon though!

Haha bad picture..

God love that face, Jason was honestly so friggin' excited to catch this fish!

So we're home now, I'm honestly not feeling so hot.. I REALLY REALLY hope I'm not getting sick.. so off to bed I go! Not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow but what else is new!

Hope everyone is having a great week!


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  2. Thanks for stopping by Ketchikanalaskafishing!! We unfortunately did not get to Salmon fish on a larger scale or in a bigger environment but my husband definitely enjoyed it! When we make it back there, if in season it is definitely on our list to explore!