Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Another day off gone..

Greetings followers,

I hope everyone is well, I am feeling much better since my last post!

Work was slow on Saturday and to be honest I was still feeling really awful so I decided to leave early! Tom and Deanna were away AGAIN and so I figured seeings how they left knowing I was sick and I only got worse but still had to work if there was nothing going on I could make a judgement call on leaving early! So I left about 4:15pm, got home and put on my favorite of Jason's sweaters and my favorite sweat pants and curled up on the couch.. only to get an emergency call!! No kidding I had to get up, get changed and go back to work!! Lesson learned, leaving early gets you no where.. but more work in the end!

Sunday Jason woke me up and we decided to go for a drive, it was suppose to be crappy out all day and it really didn't look great out but we decided to head out anyways. Although I was still under the weather we really don't ever get any time together to go out and do anything and there is still so much to see and do especially before winter so we decided to get out! We have been talking a lot about going to Homer but its 4 and a half hours of driving each way and although we are no strangers to long drives it just wasn't something we have managed to accomplish in awhile. So we got up and headed out the door! We stopped along the way a couple of times at different places that we had never been, the world famous Kenai River being one of them!

We made it down to Homer, the Halibut Fishing Capital of the World!! Honestly it was beautiful which I totally expected because all of Alaska is but it wasn't special in any other ways. We have been to Seward and I really liked it there, the water was this amazing color and the town was cute.. but Homer wasn't anything special. The harbor there was a lot smaller than we thought, and we didn't get to see the Time Bandit from Deadliest Catch like we had hoped! A fish and chips dinner was $30.00 a plate.. ya you saw it right.. $30.00.. OUTRAGEOUS! So really we went down, toured around a little bit, ate and left! I hadn't eaten all day so I was STARVING and there really wasn't much more to see anyways. Like I said it was beautiful, a little peninsula like surrounded by mountains.. but that's most of Alaska.. and lets be honest small town charm doesn't appeal to me really, not like southern charm! :)

On the way home we really just wanted to see a bear! Jason has been dying to see a grizzly bear and I'm all for it as long as its from a GOOD distance or from the car! We weren't seeing anything but decided to make a quick stop at the Russian River because a ton of people we know have been up there and see a ton of bears! When we pulled up to the gate and told the guy we really wanted to just take a quick drive through, so he gave us a little pass instead of making us pay and told us not to be too long! So we drove down and parked in the Pink Salmon parking lot like we were told and took the little trail down to the river.. on the way down I could see the red salmon in the river from a distance! I was so excited to get down there and see them, for so long we have wanted to see Salmon like that, and honestly I was starting to doubt that it even existed! We got down there and talked to a few fisherman and watched the fish.. heard a few bear tales and then decided to leave. When we were headed to go back up the trail I saw a couple a little bit down the trail the opposite way take a little cut off down to the river and I told Jason we should just go down and check it out.. WELL.. we got down there and a little down the river was a grizzly bear!!

Honestly the closer that thing got, the more amazing and surreal the experience felt! Jason was absolutely glowing.. totally in aww and absolutely LOVING every minute of but I felt feeling more and more uncomfortable. It seems like its not just tourist here that don't understand the severity of a bear attack but Alaskans too! Everyone kept saying that there were so many salmon that the bear wouldn't bother us, and really he was just playing around in the fish but I couldn't help but think to myself that at any minute that bear could decide he didn't like us there and attack... being less than 25 feet away the situation obviously wouldn't have ended well. After the bear took off down the river I felt better, it was really exhilarating but I don't think I feel the need to tempt fate and go back there hiking around hike around in the woods where there are MANY MANY bears, especially mama's and their cubs! I feel like having boundaries with bears is very important! There has been so many bear attacks this year because people think that they are alone in the woods are something, THIS IS BEAR COUNTRY for frigg's sake!

Anyways we didn't get home until late but really had a super awesome day! I absolutely need those days, I need those days away from the city, away from the world with just Jason out in this amazing beautiful place! The weeks of both of us working all the time and going to the gym and nothing but routine feels so mundane.. I love our adventures!

Monday was the usual at work and it was raining out! I forgot to take something out for dinner again.. its not a regular occurence but more than I care to admit to, so when I got home I started throwing together a hodge podge dinner or left overs, etc! Sometimes nights like that don't hurt! After dinner I did all the laundry, dishes, cleaning, etc so I could spend my day off anyway I wanted!

I had planned to go grocery shopping today and to Barnes & Noble either by myself or with Mel and Myles if they were up for it with their recent lack of sleep! Unfortunately Kris didn't pick Jason up this morning so he had to take the truck, I was going to walk to site to get it but Mel and Myles were up for Barnes & Noble and she had their truck so we headed out! We had a great morning touring around the bookstore.. anytime spent at a bookstore of any sort is amazing! We had a quiet afternoon which is always welcome, especially on a crappy day and than I headed home to make dinner! Tonight I was ready, fresh halibut.. JAson had rice and I had salad.. very good!

After dinner we went grocery shopping to stock up on all things good for the week! Everything healthy, lots of fruits and vegetables, healthy protiens, super excited for a week of clean eating!

BAck to work tomorrow, I never look forward to that! As September nears I dread having to work the whole entire month! Jason will be going into first fire and therefore working 7 days a week, I will be working 6 minimum.. going to be a long month.. and then winter is going to be here :(

Anyways I will keep you posted on our week! I hope everyone enjoyed the pictures from our trip to Homer and the grizzly!

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