Friday, August 31, 2012

Such is life...

Well hello all,

Ive been meaning to blog for days but it just hasn't happened, as once mentioned our lives seem to get so hectic sometimes that I find myself wondering where the days go. Ive thought that same thing recently about the whole month of August, I remember thinking that I wanted August to last forever, make the most of it because September would be a steady decline back into winter... if it didn't rear its ugly head before planned. Now its the end of August, I have no idea where the month has gone and I'm hearing we are in for an early winter that may just be just as bad as last year. I wouldn't be surprised either, we were in Palmer the other night and the mountains out there got a CRAZY amount of snow already! Stay tuned for pictures!

So Tuesday was my day off and I was so looking forward to it with how slow things have been at work lately. In the morning I picked Tammy up and we went and had pedicures.. GLORIOUS! We so enjoyed ourselves and than headed to lunch! After lunch we toured around for awhile and than met Mel and Myles for tea! After tea I picked up Jason from work and we headed down to Palmer for my very first State Fair! Before we even got down there Jason saw the snow on the mountains and was in love.. it totally made his night.

In going to the fair I figured it would be basically like any other carnival but I was super excited to see the Don Sheldon exhibit. The idea of walking around human cadavers is super exciting to me.. When we got there that was the first place I wanted to go.. any opportunity to learn I'm there! Jason however was really unsure of the whole thing, but once we got in there and he could see all the muscles, nerves, bones, etc he was super into it.. he was asking questions and reading all the boards and I think even he was impressed.. it was honestly amazing! How often do you get to see completely dissected human bodies displaying every aspect of its diversity and capabilities.. that was the best part of my night!

The fair was great, Jason indulged in carnival food and even though we didn't pay for the concert we got to enjoy JoDee Messina LIVE! The night was absolutely beautiful, the drive home there was a beautiful sunset.. I absolutely love nights like that! Not getting out Anchorage once a week.. seeing things like that make me happy! I so enjoyed my whole day off, you think it would make me refreshed for work the next day.. but no such luck.. it makes it harder to go back!

Check out a few pictures from the night.. I will send the rest soon!

Check out the moon over the mountains, I kick myself for not having my good camera with me, I completely forgot it at home so we took a few pictures with the spare camera we keep in the truck but these are from my cell phone!

Yesterday was dead at work, I don't know what is going on.. its end of the month and things should be super busy but the only units we have are almost $2,000.00 a month and there is only a certain number of people who can afford that, especially here. I swear 65% of housing in Anchorage is low income, its crazy! I came home last night and got ready for the gym but Jason ended up not getting home until 7:30pm so by the time he ate we really just had to go grocery shopping because we were out of food!

Tonight we worked until the same time so we had dinner and then went to the gym! Unfortunately Jason is working all weekend because this job is a mess and they are short a guy this weekend into next week so someone has to work. I actually get Sunday, Monday and Tuesday off which is great although I really wish I was spending it with Jason. Not sure what my plan is yet.

Tomorrow is Mr. Myles first birthday.. absolutely crazy! We saw Jason and Mel about a week before Mel had him and now all the sudden he's a year old.. where does time go? When they got to Alaska Myles was JUST crawling and now hes talking more, crawling all over, taking steps on his own.. I don't see him for a week and hes like a different kid! I saw him on Tuesday and today I saw him and he pinched me HAHA apparently that's new! He really does have such a little personality, its so cute!

Really I suppose that's it, Ive been looking for time to blog about my life issues but I just haven't found it.

I'm having a hard time lately with people.. I feel like with most people I can never say what I really feel or really think.. and the more I think about it I have a feeling its not just my issue. I know that social etiquette implies that you aren't rude unnecessarily and that if you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all.. well in my case my parents taught me that long before I had any concept of social etiquette.

With some people telling them what you really think of them is useless, telling them that the things they say or do to you are hurtful and you don't appreciate it. Some people just don't know any better, some people didn't have parents to teach them right from wrong, but for those of us who did I find it really hard to comprehend that people don't know any better. I don't want to be a person that says mean things to people, I don't want to be a person who thinks mean things about people either, but how many times can you be kicked before you stand up for yourself?

Some things are worth letting go, some things you have to just consider the source or humor the ranting/ignorant party.. its not like I think by any means I don't rant about unnecessary things and people don't want to tell me to shut up or that I'm ridiculous.. who doesnt have moments like that.. what I'm really referring to is direct disregard for someone elses feelings! Why are people so mean? As an adult do people really not know that to some extent respect should always be given? You may not agree with everyone someone says or does but basic civility is necessary..

Really though this is a topic for another day.. I'm running out of battery and energy for today and I feel like I'm not even making sense. I suppose my whole point is that sometimes lately I feel like I'm sitting silently nodding and smiling when I really want to flip someone the bird. Period.

If I don't get back here before the weekend I hope everyone enjoys the long weekend, the last official weekend of summer.. I absolutely plan to make the most of my time off as I will then begin my month of only getting one day off a week.. YAY! It better pick up or I'm going to start selling all the slippers I'm making!

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