Thursday, August 23, 2012

NEVER a dull moment...

I really hate my job some days! Honestly its not that I have an issue working, I would be so bored here without it and this job may not be what I would love to be doing but for many reasons as previously stated it is benefiting us majorly so I suck it up! But let me tell you on days like today I want to tell them to shove this job up their asses because its not worth the bullshit!

My day was pretty quiet, I managed to get us a new washer and dishwasher that will be delivered and installed tomorrow. I'm pretty sick of doing laundry and listening to the washer freak out and sound like its going to take off, I feel bad for the people below us too. Our dishwasher is just old and needs to be replaced, so I talked to Carl this morning and he came in and checked things out and we are getting new ones tomorrow!

Anyways the day was quiet until tonight rolled around.. It was about 5pm and Dana was in the office with Jayden and we were chatting away, Carl came in to let me know that he had been to one of our units and fixed her leaking sink. He then proceeded to tell me that this girls mother had a dog there and Tom and her got in a big fight about it. Well our properties are not pet friendly and people know that BUT we cannot discriminate against service dogs, which this dog is. Although this woman and her dog do not live there we have to see papers stating that its a service dog because we have committed to having a no pet environment for our residence. I guess Tom flipped out and was rude and aggressive about the situation and the woman was rude back.. well her daughter just moved in a month ago and shes very young and pregnant, trying to do good for herself and she was so upset. He should have asked for the papers and not demanded she leave immediately. Because all the calls are routed to my office of course I received her calls. I tried to straighten out the situation and managed to calm down this girl and her mother. Unfortunately her mother than came to my office to tell me that she will be pressing charges against Tom. Well let me tell you this woman knew him to a T.. she knew all the shit they do, there was no doubt in my mind he did and said all the things she said. She also told me that he was so pissed at her that he told her she couldn't park in the handicap parking areas and if she didn't move her car he would have it towed.. SHE HAS A PERMIT! We cant tell her not to park there.. I mean what the hell is he doing? So now this girl is going to move out and who knows what will happen with her pressing charges.. and this is definitely not the first time this has happened. Since I have been there so many people have moved out on account of how he has spoken to them or how they were treated, its awful. Even Carl said that the residence tell him bad things about them all the time.. I just don't get it! So basically I ended my day being screamed at and called names, trying to smooth over a situation that I was never apart of to begin with.

Jason and I went to the gym tonight and now are just relaxing before bed! Tomorrow is a usual day for Deanna to be in the office with me but Cynthia is taking a vacation day so I am on my own again which is fine.

I will keep you all posted on what goes on tomorrow, I swear the drama never ends!

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  1. What ever happened to Charlie? I think that was his name...the blind guy who used to come & see you?