Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sun to Rain.. just like that!

Greetings from dreary miserable Alaska!

Clearly I was in a better mood yesterday than I am today.. so I think I will start off with the good side of things!

Yesterday Mel, Myles and I headed to Target early in the morning, than to the post office and then Downtown! Myles had a cat nap on the way downtown which was great because when we got there it was lunch time! We decided to go to the Glacier Brewhouse, Jason and I have tried to go before but its always an ridiculous wait so we've never actually made it in! But lunch time isn't nearly as busy as dinner so we got seated right away. Mel had a citrus wasbi salad with fresh pacific salmon and I have a garden salad with fresh pan seared halibut.. amazing! Honestly their menu has a million things to choose from but I couldn't have been happier with what I got! The fresh fish here is amazing, and I don't even like fish! Stuff from the Pacific Ocean seems to taste a lot better than stuff from the Atlantic Ocean.. even Jason agreed, as weird as that may sound!

After lunch we headed over to the mall, Mel was on the hunt for a pair of Toms! Those shoes are friggin' cute, they even have them in Myles size! Unfortunately for me it wont get warm enough to wear them, and I work all the time.. plus we have no room to take them.. besides I think I might hold out for the boots because they are what I really want! We also found some excellent deals through out the mall which is always a good thing! On the last floor of the mall Myles had pretty much had it with shopping, cant say I blame him.. its not nearly as fun for him and we weren't exactly at babies R us.

We left the mall and headed home, not before seeing a cruise shipped docked in town.. that's a first. Not sure what cruise line it was but it was a really huge boat! Anyways we got home and decided to go for a walk, it was a beautiful day and Myles didn't nap on the way home so Mel kind of figured he would nap while we walked! Well we walked for a long time and he didn't nap, haha poor guy was sooo tired! By the time we got back to the apartment his eyes were sooo red and he was exhausted.. no napping though!

I hung around at Mel's for awhile and then headed home to get the truck to go and pick up Jason!

Through the day Jason had suggested we go out or pick up sandwiches and have a picnic dinner at Beluga point and then maybe tour around Girdwood or Bird Creek! So that's just what we did, I picked Jason up and he went and picked up the company truck from Kris, came home and changed and we headed out the door. We stopped and got a sandwich and than headed down to one of the lookouts along Turnagain Arm.. I cant remember which one we stopped at! We had dinner and than toured around and took pictures. We decided to go to Bird Creek because the Salmon are in so Jason could do a little fishing. Honestly I'm so nervous going there because there was a bear attack there at the beginning of the summer and it freaks me out!

On the way home we saw 3 Dall sheep in the mountains.. that was the first time Jason has ever seen them and the first time I was able to get some pictures! I sent out all the pictures last night, I hope everyone enjoyed them!

I had a super great day off yesterday although unfortunately I didn't get much sleep last night and woke up feeling pretty crumby.. haha compared to yesterday when I woke up from dreaming that I was suppose to be delivering papers for Bubba for his paper route and I couldn't seem to get them done and I was so scared because I kept seeing bears! I told Jason that and he said that he had been dreaming that he was being chased by fox.. and they could talk! haha!! See what Alaska does to you!!

Anyways I came in to work and there was a million things for me to do, as usual! Sometimes I wonder if its worth having a day off seeings how I have to do double the work the day after! But I'm going to take advantage while I can because I wont have many days off at all in September!

Hopefully in the next two weeks Mel and I are going to head to Whittier and go on the 26 Glacier tour!!! Its like the Major Marine Tour we did when everyone was here but different, I'm super excited for that!

Well I hope everyone is having a great week, its hump day!!

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