Monday, August 13, 2012

Days Like These...

No I'm not going to bust out in song.. although I do love Jason Aldean and his song "Days like these" I'm referring to our day today!

Well I suppose all around its just been a really awesome weekend! Last night Jason and I had dinner and headed over to play basketball for awhile! Jason wanted to play this game "around the world" for all I know he made it up because Ive never heard of it but turns out I wasn't too bad at it.. because I won! haha Any of you that know Jason well know how he felt about that! He said I cheated, tried to change the game, wanted to play again.. and than plain and simple wouldn't let me play anymore.. HA HA so we came home! It was a lot of fun though, another form of exercise and we always love that! So we came home and I talked Jason into watching a chick flick with me! Let me tell you these nights are few and far between, we never ever watch movies anymore because we are never home but when we do Jason usually picks.. until last time. Last time we watched a movie we went to see that new Adam Sandler movie.. STUPID! It was a waste of my life.. time I will never get back, so after that I said I was picking! I'm not going to lie I feel bad because I knew Jason really wouldn't love the movie but I was dying to see it and Barb and Mom watched it so I really had to see it! We watched Tyler Perry's Good Deeds.. SO GOOD! At the end I just laid on the couch sobbing.. I love a good movie like that!

This morning Jason slept in, I think its his allergies because he is severely stuffed up! I woke up at 8:30am and he was snoring! Jason NEVER snores unless he is sick or exhausted.. I think it might have been a combination of both! So I snuck out of bed and quietly watched TV and had a coffee in the living room so he could sleep! Jason got up at 9:30am and we really didn't rush to get out the door like we usually do. We took our time getting ready, had breakfast and headed out! We stopped and got a Starbucks and got on the road to Hatchers Pass which is just outside of Palmer!

We made a few stops along the way around the Little Susitna River;
we took a bunch of pictures and really just enjoyed the ride up there! There was so many beautiful places to stop, we even ran into a couple with their young daughter who were panning for gold!

We literally JUST pulled into the Independence Mine visitor parking area and Jason, Mel and Myles pulled in right behind us! GREAT TIMING! We had planned to just see where we were and if we happened to be around the same place try and get together but we realized as we drover further from Anchorage that none of us had phone reception.. fate!

Check out some information on the Independence Mine...

We really had a great time there and we got there at such a good time on account that the fog was JUST starting to set in and by the time we were leaving you really couldn't see anything. Actually it was kind of funny because I really hate the fog, every time we are in Maine I complain about it because it creepy.. it makes me nervous.. straight out of a horror movie! Well Mel said the same thing when we were there today, and it made it worse that it was a creepy old decrepit falling down Mine and it was surrounded by thick fog.. creepy! Jason was telling me on the way home that he was reading the signs in some of the buildings that said about ghosts.. EEK!

After leaving the Mine we stopped at Thunder Bird Falls on the way home and hiked to the gorge and than the falls.. honestly I wasn't overly impressed. The hike was fine, short really but I didn't feel the need to make it longer on account that there really wasn't much to see!

Leaving there we decided to stop at the Peanut Farm and have dinner on the patio! I had really wanted to go to the Glacier Brew House but it seemed like a waste to sit inside when we have this BEAUTIFUL weather! Unfortunately I didn't take my purse because we had been out hiking all day and they wouldn't serve Jason a beer because I didn't have my ID.. that started things.. haha than there were bee's EVERYWHERE.. if I haven't mentioned it before the yellow jackets are in abundance here! I don't know what the deal is but honestly no matter where you go you see a bunch and on a patio with beer and food, they were swarming! They screwed up Jason's wings to finish things.. but honestly I'm not complaining about any of it because it really was just such a great day!

We left there, hit the car wash and walmart on the way home! Jason started pork in the crock pot to make pulled pork for dinner tomorrow and I made lunches for tomorrow and got all the fruit washed up and ready for the week! I already sent out the pictures from today so I hope you all enjoy!

Its days like these that make me feel lucky to be here and see all these beautiful amazing things! Its days like these, however few and far between that prevent me from packing all my shit and heading as far south as I can go! Its days like these that make me so happy, so lucky for all that I have! Jason and I had such a great day today, saw and did so much! I always say that we need to make more of an effort to get out of town every chance we get and make the most of all that we are surrounded by! Its kind of easier said than done with both of our schedules but days like this make me want to find the time somehow!

Tomorrow back to work and then Tuesday is suppose to be beautiful as well so Mel and I are thinking a hike in the morning with Mr. Myles and than a picnic lunch at the park and play time for the little guy.. sounds like a good plan to me! I need to hit Best Buy in search of case for my Ipod with a strap so I can wear it around my around at the gym and when I run. I'm going to REALLY try and push myself to get up and go for even a half hour run in the morning before going to work.. I said I was going to try, don't hold me to it just yet! Haha maybe if I win the long sleeve lulu running shirt on Ebay I'm bidding on!

Anyways I hope everyone had a great weekend like I did! Enjoy the pictures!!

PS - Mom we went into Starbucks this morning and here is a woman sitting there with a Brady Jersey and a Patriots hat! I told Jason I wanted to take a picture and send it to you and he said "Football season has begun, no more joking, no more fun!" HAHA - Then I came home to find out that Chad Ochocinco beat his wife last night and Miami cut him today! HAHA Jason was worried he would be an issue playing in the same division as the Patriots.. I however was not worried on account that I think he sucks, apparently at life as well as football!

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