Friday, June 1, 2012

Walmart with Jason.. always an Adventure!

So I wasn't going to blog tonight, I figured by the time I got home from work tonight and then we went to Walmart and got back and put everything away, made lunches and all that than I would just want to go to bed! But I absolutely HAD to blog about our trip to Walmart tonight!!

Jason picked me up from work and he was super quiet, he thinks that he has mono or something because he is always so tired! But we ate dinner and he must have caught a second wind! I swear I decided tonight he is like the Skinny pig the boys had, he eats to keep warm!! Hes always so hot and all he does it eat, there has to be a correlation.

Anyways so we go to Walmart and as soon as we get in there the makeup section is right there and I needed blush and eye shadow, naturally this is not the place that Jason wants to be but Jason likes to play hide and seek in large stores so I hate for him to leave me. So I asked him to wait for me and I would be really quick, well there was this redneck woman with her 7 redneck kids in the makeup section and her 5 young girls were picking out everything blue in sight so therefore I was having a hard time getting around them all to find what I needed! So Jason took off. I'm not even kidding you I walked through that whole entire store forever!! FINALLY I found him, after seriously considering going to the front of the store and having him paged, haha which would have been absolutely hilarious but he definitely wouldn't have thought so.

So we wandered around the store forever and we were finally looking at a new virus protector for the computer and the FUNNIEST thing happened! There was this woman, this morbidly obese woman riding around on a motorized scooter and she was being completely reckless, to cut to the chase she hit our cart! haha Jason is ALWAYS the cart pusher anywhere we go, which is good because I would likely hit absolutely everyone with it if it was in my possession.. haha so she hit the cart and although I was standing behind Jason I could absolutely see his withering stare! I gave him a little whack before he said what you can all imagine Jason would have said. What was even funnier is that I'm sure she saw him giving her death eyes and she still flew around this aisle backwards and forwards being totally reckless... oh the words Jason said.. I had to walk away..

Once that was over we went on to the sock aisle, Mom bought Jason socks for Christmas and he got holes in all of them SO FAST, so she bought him socks for Easter, ALL have holes! He's just so hard on socks and I honestly have no idea why. We have searched for really good work socks and I have found really good ones with reinforced heels and toes but if you know Jason as all you know he is a complete tight wad and thinks anything more than mass packages of socks are a waste of money! So he couldn't decided and its so weird but Walmart had a RIDICULOUS amount of "big & tall socks" I mean really? so we were going back and forth between a whole bunch of socks which is ridiculous to begin with but than Jason pitches a fit because he wants to try them on. PARDON ME?? You CANNOT try on socks in the middle of Walmart! First of all who tries on socks? and you cannot take them out of the package and than not buy them.. like is this really happening? We settled on some work socks and left, who knew? Although I think Ive won the battle and Jason will spend the money on the good socks, it would be totally worth it and he knows it.

Ive been nominated to bake on Tuesday so we spent quite a bit of time in the baking aisle because Jason likes his cookies with peanut butter cups but Jason Goodwin is pitching a fit because he prefers chocolate chips! So Jason gets chocolate chunks so I asked if Jason G would be good with that, haha well Jason didn't seem to care what Jason G wanted.. haha! Cookies on Tuesday!

So we got home and put all the groceries away and I was running the bath when I realized I forgot to leave the night message with the emergency information on the phone at work.. FUCK! I honestly do this all the time and I have had to go back to work on more than one occasion because I have forgot! I even have a big sign on my computer with black lettering and its colored with yellow high lighter reminding me.. I suck! So Jason took me back, haha he wasn't impressed, he said it earned him half of my frozen yogurt.. ya right!!

Now here I am, back to work tomorrow! Deanna was in today and it was the first day with her since she's been back and she was actually in a really great mood. Both her and Tom have been overly appreciative of all the work that was done while they were gone and have been super great. Deanna isn't in tomorrow because she said she would be planting all the flowers around the properties which is fine with me, however she better watch she doesn't blow away.

Its cold and miserable and crazy windy around here today.. BIG SURPRISE.. this is what is looked like pretty much all day.

Anyways tomorrow has to be better than today! My day started off ridiculous! My hair straightener broke a quarter of the way through my hair! That is the WORST way to start a day! I spent the day the whole fucking day looking like a raggedy Ann doll!! I'm officially ordering 50 headbands so this will NEVER happen again! Plus I'm trying to track the new lulu sweater I ordered online and it all the sudden dropped on the face of the tracking earth in the black hole that is New Jersey! How is it that every time I order something online it magically disappears in New Jersey or Elk Grove Village, IL.. EVERY TIME! I don't know what the hell is going on in these places but they better not keep my loot long.

So tomorrow my mission is to find the best of the best hair straightener and not break the bank! Haha for the sake of Jason's heart of course, however I made him aware of what a catastrophe something like this is and how it absolutely MUST be rectified IMMEDIATELY!

I will keep you all posted on the status of my hair.. it can only get worse until I find a new flat iron. period.

If I don't blog again have for a couple of days I hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

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