Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I spoke too soon?

Well hello all,

I must have spoke too soon, I opened my big mouth and posted on facebook yesterday what a BEAUTIFUL day it was in Anchorage yesterday, so much so that I was actually sitting outside on the balcony reading while dinner cooked! The apartment was so hot last night, I believe at 10:30pm Jason, Jason Goodwin and I were sitting here and it was 80 degrees in the apartment! Then today it was cold and raining.. go figure! Just when I think things are going to look up here!

Yesterday I spent my day off baking for the guys on site, I made two different kinds because Jason Goodwin is not a fan of the Reese's pieces ones so he got chocolate chunk.. I made an ABUNDANCE of cookies.. more than was actually needed but naturally they were all gone before lunch time.. haha well that's not exactly true. My Jason screwed Jason G out of cookies last time I baked so I made Jason his own container full and put his name on, well he came over last night and got it.. took it home and than didn't take it to work today.. haha so hes sitting at home right now eating cookies and everyone else is out.. pretty clever on his part! haha!

Not much else going on around here to be honest, Ive been doing as much organizing around here as I can, although people keep saying we live so minimally with nothing in the apartment I always feel like there is just so much clutter around here! Its hard to make room and get rid of things when Jason refuses to part with anything!

So although we're boring I thought I would post something to let you all know what is going on.. nothing.. nothing but shitty weather! Oh and Jason's dog is growing still haha! He had me take a picture of you Fiona!!

Can you see how much bigger he is? I really wonder how much he will get!

Anyways I'm going to track my flat iron, should be here tomorrow or the next day.. THANK GOD! I seriously cant wait!

I hope everyone is having a great week!!

Oh and I also sent out the pictures from our spare camera we keep in the truck!!! Hope you all enjoy!!

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