Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day!!

Happy Fathers Day to all the wonderful fathers out there, especially my wonderful Dad!!!

I was laying in bed last night thinking that I should find a nice fathers day poem online and post it to my blog this morning and then I thought that was ridiculous because no poem could depict the relationship I have with my dad better than I can!

There isn't a point in my life where I don't remember making memories with my dad, I remember him being away for work and when he would come home I would have a million things to tell him, haha my parents thought it was stall tactics so I wouldn't have to go to bed but really in all the time since I had seen him last there was so much to tell and any piece of information seemed significant and worth him knowing.

I use to look so forward to weekends.. no matter what the season dad and I had something to do. I'm not going to lie.. I know you might not believe it with my current feelings about the cold weather and snow but winter was my favourite time of year with dad. We would spend HOURS and HOURS outside constructing gigantic snow forts, or large bunnies.. we were obviously to creative for a regular old snow man!! Dad would have the fire going and we would make hot chocolate! On the really cold days dad would put the wood stove on in the shed in the backyard and we would sit in there and make Christmas crafts.. I think I get my creative gene from dad. I bet you mom still has a bunch of those Christmas crafts in the totes downstairs.

Dad and I use to do everything together... believe it or not I use to go fishing, ice fishing, dad and I would go down to the lake all the time and in the winter he would write my name in the snow as big as he could.. I haven't always been a priss bag about the outdoors.. Thankfully he got Bubba though because it was inevitable that I probably wasn't going to be a hunter.

Growing up dad was always someone I could count on, of course we had our differences as all father daughter duos do, the teenage years are rough for all of us! But I never doubted that if I ever needed anything I could always turn to my dad. Being a teenager is an adjustment phase for everyone, now that I'm older and can look at the situation more objectively I cant imagine what it would be like to be a parent of a teenager! The thought of your kid drinking, meeting boys, driving, all these new things that you once experienced your self and probably quite irresponsibly to an extent! Dad use to tell me no matter where or when, no matter day or night NEVER get in the car with someone who had been drinking.. always call him, no matter what time he would never be mad, he would always come and get me and ask no questions. I never had to because they raised me right, I never put myself in a situation to need to call him, but never the less I knew he was there.

I guess that was a pattern in my life with dad too, when I was baby he use to pick me up and I would sleep on his chest, when I was little and would fall he would pick me up when I would cry, when I was a kid and I went to spend a week at Nan's and I lasted two days and wanted to come home dad made the two hour drive there and back to get me! And now I'm halfway across the world (the last frontier) and dads taking plane rides to come to me! How lucky am I??

How lucky am I that not only do I have this amazing dad who I couldn't love more, I get to share my birthday with him?? My whole life I hated when people would sing happy birthday to me, I hate being the center of attention, I hate everyone looking at me.. but Dad always saved me because we got to share the day! When people would say it sucked that I didnt get my own day, I would laugh, I think it sucks for them that they don't get to share it with their dad. When Jason and I were getting married the most nerve racking part was walking down the aisle, when everyone would be looking at me.. but I got to share that with dad too.

Its funny to mention Jason in this blog because they say that you tend to marry someone like your father, well man did I do a good job. Jason has many good qualities like my dad, he hunts, fishes, loves the outdoors. He says things like dad all the time and has a lot of his mannerisms, their sense of humor is quite the same... so sometimes being so far away doesn't seem to far away because I look at Jason and things he does and cant help but laugh.. because its something dad would do.

There are no words, no poems, no cards that could ever describe how lucky I feel to have my dad.. there are not enough pages to sit and write the memories I have and cherish with dad.. So I will say this.. there is no better, I couldn't imagine asking for more.. my dad has been the greatest dad I could have ever asked for and I only hope that he knows how much he means to me.

20 days and dad will be here and I honestly cant tell you who is more excited, Jason or I. That's another great thing about Jason.. he loves dad just as much as I do.. how could he not? Ok well maybe not as much as I do...

I hope dad you have an amazing Father's Day! I'm sorry that your gift will be late, I hate the US postal system and wanted to cry when I saw the card returned on the table last night when I got home from work! I cant wait to chat today and more than that I cant wait to see you!! I miss you tons and love you more than words can say, Thank you for being a great role model, a great person and a great father to Bubba and I.. we are so lucky!

On a side note from Father's Day it was a beautiful night last night and Jason and I went and saw the new Adam Sandler movie, don't waste your money it was the stupidest movie I have ever seen, but it was so nice out after, the sun was shining.. it was great! So naturally I took some pictures! Enjoy!!

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