Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday Already...? Ugh!

Well hello all!!

I hope everyone had a great weekend, I did!!

Friday night I actually got to leave early which was great, Deanna booked me a walk through at 5:00pm so I specifically asked her did she want me to come back to the office after I was done or could I go home and she said I could go home. So Jason picked me up and after all was said and done I came home to get ready. I was SOOOOOO HAPPY that me new Lulu sweater came!! It is absolutely BEAUTIFUL and I didn't even know  but it has this beautiful embroidering in the hood that says "you are beautiful" I absolutely love it! Its my new favourite piece of clothing! Not to mention the fact that the tags on it said $168.00 and I paid $95.00 with shipping, SCORE! So we met the guys at the Peanut Farm for dinner and the Celtics game! I had to go out with everyone because Jason Goodwin said he was starting to think Jason had offed me because I was never around! We had a good time, although I really think their food is bad or something because after we left I was so sick! It was unfortunate too because we were at Fred Myers!

Saturday I worked and the day was pretty crappy, however Charlie showed up in his paddling outfit which was hilarious! I love my Saturdays with Charlie, honestly he always makes me laugh!! Jason picked me up from work and we came home, on the way in he saw the neighbours outside and said we would go over. I couldn't really focus on that though because Jason had told me that there was a parcel here from Fiona and I was soo excited!! I absolutely love getting mail, and apparently when you're an adult the only thing you usually get is bills! Well Fiona went ABOVE and beyond in the area of parcels.. the loot was amazing!! She sent us TONS of goods and we couldn't be more grateful!! She sent Jason socks too which is hilarious!! Everyone knows Jason's sock issues!! There was sports eggs in there for Jason and guess what they have in there... ROCKETS! You know, rockets.. the candy!!! Well Americans done know what Rockets are, because what we call rockets they call smarties.. crazy I know! So for the record.. THESE ARE ROCKETS!!

Fiona also sent us pets! haha.. as we cant travel around with pets she sent us the pets you put in water and they grow! Well Jason thought those were the greatest thing EVER! He is having me take pictures of the progression to show Fiona. I only have one picture so far but his ears have definitely grown, I will post another picture of him tomorrow. But here he is for now!

 We absolutely LOVED our parcel and EVERYTHING in it.. oh, there was also the mini Ritz sandwich crackers that are SMORES! I LOVE SMORES! They are stellar, and Jason and I are already fighting over the honey spoons for tea.. haha!! Thank you again Fiona we are absolutely sooooo grateful!!

So to be honest I wanted to go to Target instead of the neighbour's, but I really want to meet people here however I always have it in the back of my head Tom and Deanna telling me I cant be friends with the residents. Anyways in the end Jason went over and then Louisa came over here and said they really wanted me to go over. Long story short we all drank way too much and today wasn't so pretty. I should have known better, I cant drink anymore.. I get drunk so fast and I'm so sick the next day. Always. So I decided today that I'm seriously never drinking ever again... maybe a beer here and there but there is absolutely NOTHING good about being drunk. I always feel like shit at the time, I feel fat and bloated for the days following and now I get hang overs where I puke.. what in god names is fun about that?!?!

Today although neither of us were feeling well it was kind of nice to do nothing and lay around.. neither of us look at our cell phones or anything it was great! After I had half a sandwich I felt a lot better anyways.. Jason however is not feeling the same! He has been a pretty sick all day, cant get off the couch, cant eat.. not good! I gave him the same speech about how drinking like that is not wise.. however I stuck to one drink all night and had not that many, Jason however had many beers and authentic moonshine.. he was asking for a hangover!!

I hate that tomorrow I have to go back to work! The weekends just fly by, probably because mine only consist of one day! But whatever.. tomorrow should be a busy day and I have to make some calls about a flat iron, Ive decided on a GHD but have not decided where to get it as I am looking for a bargain. Unfortunately I cant buy a cheap one because I have so much hair and I don't have 6 hours in the morning to get ready.. so tomorrow is decision day and I'm pretty sure this week might be the time for a haircut!

Tuesday I am baking for the guys at work, I'm fine with that! I know that they appreciate it. Jennie wants to go out but I think I might either go for an hour or so and then come home and bake or I will just invite her here for tea or something. I don't have time to bake all kinds of cookies at night, but I Ive always found time before so Tuesday it is!

Anyways I'm going to go and watch Wicked Tuna with Jason for awhile and go to bed! I hope everyone has a great Monday!!


  1. I'm glad you liked your parcel. Did you name your new pets ? LOL

  2. That Fiona is just a wonderful lady! What a great parcel!!

  3. Haha no names yet Fiona! I still owe you another picture. And yes Cathy Fiona is absolutely WONDERFUL!