Friday, June 22, 2012

Is it Friday yet?

Well Hello all,

As you all know I got my hair cut yesterday, SHORT! Thank you for all the lovely comments, I think I like it! I woke up this morning second guessing the whole entire thing but theres obviously not much I can do about it now! Its different and SOOOO much lighter! I think I really do like it, it will just take some getting use to it and what I can do with it.. I cant remember that last time I had hair this short!

Today was a beautiful day, it started off cold and miserable but it turned out to be gorgeous and sunny! Work was super slow today so Deanna and I sat outside chatting for such a long time this afternoon and than at 4:45pm she said, screw it I'm going to take you home! SOLD! It was so great to get out of there an hour early!! I came home and sat on the balcony reading until Jason got home and then we headed to the Outback Steakhouse for dinner. We didn't get out the door without much drama.. haha I'm terrible but I tried on 12 outfits and cried before decided I look fat in everything so I might as well pick something and just go. Ugh.. serious serious diet and exercise start tomorrow. Then we go to Walmart after dinner to get stuff for salad tomorrow and Jason is looking at cheese cake and I said I didn't want anything and he says "because your fat?" and than bust out laughing.. hes sooooo funny!

So we came home and sat on the deck and played a game of cribbage, after I whooped Jason he decided we would go down to the lake and see if he could do some fishing! It really is beautiful tonight and the lake was fill of people! There were people swimming and having picnics, floating in rafts, having fires.. I couldn't believe it! I really do love the saying "Alaska, land of the midnight sun". We are so lucky to live to close to this beautiful lake and creek with the trail! Jason fished for awhile and I got bit by mosquito's! On the way back guess what we saw.. A BEAVER! I cant get over these things!

Tomorrow is back to work, I will be happy when this week is over. I hate the mid month lull when nothing is going on. I'm hoping she will call and see how the day is going and let me go home early tomorrow too! Sunday its suppose to rain all day of course, we'll see if that changes. Not sure what this weekend will hold as this point!

Anyways I will leave you with a few pictures from tonight's walk. Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

This isn't a good picture but its the friggin' beaver walking down the path!!

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  1. Loved your Snapfish photos! I really want to come to Alaska, but not until it's WARMER! LOL