Sunday, June 10, 2012

Winner Creek Trail Hike

Well hello all,

I thought I would quickly blog tonight because Jason and I were out all day and I didn't get a chance to talk to anyone today at all, my apologies for that.

I'll be honest Ive been having a really hard time in Alaska this last week, everyday seems to be cold raining or overcast.. everyone else is getting real summer weather and all we get is shit weather everyday! Not to mention all we do is work, so we talked about it this week after I had a crying fit and we agreed that we need to get out of Anchorage every chance we get and make the most of our time here. So today we went down to Girdwood and hiked Winner Creek Trail behind the Alyeska Resort.

Well lets be honest I am not really an outdoors kind of girl, I'm trying really hard to make the effort to do things that I really don't like because Jason loves it.. but today.. let me tell you... I was not in the best of spirits! Majority of the trail was covered in SNOW! I mean SNOW and ICE.. I couldn't even believe it! I was slipping and sliding all over the place which was naturally just pissing me off! Besides the trail wasn't great, there wasn't a lot to see while hiking but trees and bugs! We eventually would encounter beauty like no other but after so much walking. I like to think that I'm in half decent shape but my hips are screwed! Honestly on the way back I wanted to cry, I felt like my hip joints were going to explode.. it was bad! But overall it was a really good hike!

Afterwards we headed to Chair 5 for dinner, I have heard a bunch of good things about it so I thought it would be a good thing to try out.. and it was GREAT! Jason and I decided then and there it was going on the list of places to take everyone when they get here!

On the way home even though Jason had fries and an elk burger, plus some of my pizza AND halibut chunks for an appetizer he decided he HAD to have an ice cream! So we stopped at Baskin Robbins but they didn't have what he wanted.. actually it was hilarious.. when he asked the girl if they had whatever it was he wanted and she said no he swung his hands up and said "COUNT ME OUT THEN!" haha! So we had to go across the street to the mall so he could get a blizzard. Turns out he said he ordered too much but none the less it was gone!

So were home now, and back to work tomorrow. I'm not looking forward to it. I had a little meeting with Tom on Saturday because Ive been doing a lot of work in regards to advertising for Town Square because they are hemorrhaging money with all their vacancies and not being able to fill them! So Ive been doing as much as I can to help while basically running all three of these properties by myself all the time. So I go in to take in an information package I put together and go over it with Tom and this is what he thinks. He said that he is greatly appreciative of all the hard work I'm doing and that he knows it not my responsibility to do for Town Square as well but they are having such a hard time so he needs more help. Honestly get ready for this because its fucking ludicrous. Instead of me giving people a map and a information package for Town Square and sending them over there he wants to me TO GO WITH THEM! He wants me to get in their car and go the 30 minutes across town, show them the units and then wait for someone to come and pick me up.. Are you serious? I mean I know hes getting old but this really seems like a good idea? First of all its dangerous for me to get in the car with a STRANGER, second of all what the hell is Cynthia going to think of me coming over and trying to rent her units??? Besides the fact, if I'm doing all the advertising and now I'm going to start renting her property out why the hell are they paying her?? So stupid. So he says there would be an incentive.. like $50.00 for every unit I rent.. so I told him I wanted the $100.00 for the two units I already rented then!! That will never happen.

He also decided to tell me that they will be going away on Wednesday so Deanna will be in the office Monday and cover my day off on Tuesday but than they will be on. They didn't ask me to take the phones but they are going to.. they will leave a note on the desk Tuesday.. I will bet my life. Its such bullshit.. I don't think I should have to be on call 24/7 every time they take a vacation. So I'm going to talk to her tomorrow because I'm going to be working all this extra with no pay, taking over everything while they are away fishing all summer, not to mention they are leaving September 5th and will "hopefully be back for month end" so if I'm going to work that time while they are away I want that time off with my parents as well. We'll see how that goes.

Well I'm going to head to the tub, lunches are made and ready for tomorrow and I really want to go to bed early. Jason is curled up on the couch watching Duck Dynasty.. we love that show but I'm so unimpressed with their store! I tried to order dad stuff off for Father's Day and the rat bastards want $29.00 to ship to Canada.. so I figured although it wouldn't be fair I liked the stuff so much I would just ship it here and give it to him when they get here.. WELL.. they don't consider Alaska to be one of the US states so they want $29.00 to ship it here too.. FUCK!

Anyways Ive already sent all the pictures from today, I think you will really love them! We played with all the settings on the camera and the pictures are so clear now and the color is GREAT! Let me know what you all think!!

I hope everyone has a great Monday!


  1. OMG! Your pics of Winner Lake are AWESOME! Though I hate the cold too, I am so jealous! It's really gorgeous. Some of your photos look like paintings. So beautiful. The were a couple of pictures of a sick looking tree though! We have a couple similar to that in Oakville, though not as bad.

  2. I knew you would love them Cathy! It is beautiful here but thats all this place has going for it.. otherwise its just plain crap! haha! Im glad you enjoy them!! Hope all is well!!