Saturday, June 16, 2012

Week of wildlife!

What a week its been in regards to wildlife.. let me tell you! So yesterday Deanna and I went out after lunch because one of the craft stores was having a big sale on yarn so she thought because it was dead in the office we would go and check it out. I was obviously thrilled because believe it or not yarn is pretty expensive and with all my slipper making and blanket on the go a deal is a deal! So when we got back we were sitting in the office and we kept hearing this awful screeching! So the phone rang and I answered it and Deanna went to check out what all the noise was about.. it was a huge bald eagle in the tree outside the office. I tried to get some pictures but he was so high up in the tree my phone just couldn't zoom that far but honestly it was amazing! I watched him for such a long time, he was squawking at the ravens and stuff to get the hell away from him! haha!

So today pretty much sucked, it was raining again and I was extremely miserable about it. I seriously think that I have cabin fever or something because I cried on and off all day.. everything just upset me beyond belief! Good thing I was alone in the office and really no one stopped in. I really honestly cant take all this crappy weather, and seeing everyone on facebook post pictures of being at the beach and stuff makes it that much harder.. I just cant deal!! The funny thing is coming home from the gym last night the forecast said "tonight sunny and warm" WHAT THE FUCK!?! Mother nature has her days and nights mixed up.. I need to know how to fix this!

Anyways work was a joke today.. tonight 3 squad cars showed up at Creekside and everyone and their mother was calling to see what was going on and I didn't know.. I knew they were there but unless someone calls me and tells me why even if I was to go there and ask someone they wouldn't tell me what was going on, they don't have to. Then I got a call from one of our Foxwood properties and they had their storage unit broken into and all they took was their two new snow boards, they didn't take the boots that go with them, or the bikes or anything else that was in there.. just the snow boards. I felt terrible, first of all I have no idea what to tell her because really there is nothing we can do.. unfortunately we cant replace them, she needs to call and make a police report and call her insurance company.. hopefully she has renters insurance. I felt awful but that's all I can do. I find it so strange that all the break ins they pick and choose the stupidest things that they take.. I just don't understand.

Anyways I came home ate dinner and started cleaning! I scoured the bathrooms, scrubbed everything on my hands and knees and then I pulled out the appliances and and cleaned under them.. note to self: don't pull out the dryer and unhook the pipe that vents it outside.. especially if you cant fit back there when its close enough to hook it back up.. oops! We got it fixed though! Then I scrubbed the kitchen floor and finally at almost 9pm Jason and I decided to go for a walk because it was actually sunny!!

Well we didn't go to far because the bugs were so bad and Jason was getting bit BUT we walked around the lake and you wont believe what we saw.. a friggin beaver.. let me tell you this little bugger had no fear at all, he came right out of the water up on the bank and was 2 feet from us.. no matter how close Jason got to him he didn't even care that we were there! He was filling his mouth with stuff for his house.. those things have HUGE mouths! Even Jason said he had never been that close to one! No animals here have any fear of people at all, I couldn't believe it! I took a bunch of pictures.. ready?!?!

I still cant believe how close he got, not caring one bit that we kept getting close to him.. haha when he came out of the water and was walking towards us even Jason moved back pretty quickly.. we just thought he would be scared of us and that wasn't the case at all. Jason even clapped really loudly and he didn't even flinch.. brazen little bugger!!

So that's it around here.. its almost 11pm and its still sunny out.. weird! I'm not sure I will ever get use to it.. no fear though it will be miserable and overcast in the morning. Jason is working a half day tomorrow and I am in until 6pm. Tom and Deanna are away fishing so I'm on call.

I'm going to head to bed now, I sleep in a little later on Saturday mornings even though I start at the same time. They are calling for rain all day tomorrow and Sunday so I don't think we will be doing much. I might go and get my hair cut or something! I will make sure to blog though and wish all you wonderful fathers a Happy Father's Day! I hope everyone has a great weekend!!

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