Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Long time no see...

Evening all...

So I will first say that yes I am an asshole, not only have I not blogged in days but I told quite a few people yesterday that I was going to blog and I absolutely did start one but for some reason my heart wasn't in it so I didn't finish or post it!

I don't even know where I left off.. Really not much has gone on lately.. Jason and I have both been working a lot! The end of last week was really busy at work, beginning of the month is really busy! Jason went out on Friday night with the guys from work to watch the Celtics game ended up getting shit faced.. he puked all the next day and honestly still feels like shit! He said he thinks its food poisoning, I think its karma! HA! So I didn't sleep AT ALL on Friday night and I had to work on Saturday and let me tell you it was rough.. I felt awful all day and came home and went to bed before 7pm!

Sunday we didn't do much on account that Jason still wasn't feeling well! We went grocery shopping which as usual cost a fortune, we had decided to go to a different store than we usually go to but honestly there is absolutely no deals there at all it just cost a fortune! So we came home from there and I made a big pot of soup because Ive been wanting it and Jason was in no shape to have a big dinner so soup it was. I love soup, the recipe actually came from a book dad bought me when I was little and I still remember the recipe to a T. I even text Barb to remind her of the soup because I know we made it together years ago.. It was just as good as I remember!!

Remember the pants I talked about awhile ago.. my favourite roots joggers? The ones that are a little worn.. haha well take a look at them.. I'm thinking that because this is one of the better holes that I'm not going to be able to wear them out and about much longer.. what do you think??

So I didn't sleep great last night worrying about how my day was going to go, I had a move in this morning and I wanted them to replace the carpets! Honestly it upsets me so much when they wont put out a little bit of money to make sure that someone is happy in a home they have to stay in for a year per their lease! So I had pretty much decided that I would check out the place this morning and if it was bad I was going tell her that I didn't want to do the move in and that if she was going to make me than I wasn't going to have them sign their lease until they saw the place, I figured she would be furious but too fucking bad. I know what its like to move somewhere and not have any idea what you are getting into until you get there and although we haven't ever been EXTREMELY upset and disappointed I wouldn't want to be responsible for doing that to someone else.

Anyways I checked things out this morning and they looked SOOOO much better than I ever expected possible!! I felt so much better about things and when they showed up this morning I really didn't have an issue bringing them over. We did the walk thru and they were so happy with everything and I gave them a bunch of advice as to where to get things and a big huge information sheet I made up for people who have relocated so they can get around! I was so happy that they were so happy!

The day was pretty long even though it was super busy and it looked like rain pretty much all day but we only got maybe 2 minutes of rain. Honestly with the clouds I was praying it would pour.. I'm in the mood for a good storm!

Jason made fried chicken, mashed potatoes and corn for dinner, it was pretty good! After dinner we went to Sports Authority because I wanted to check there for shoes once more because tomorrow I am going to go to the mall and buy the ones that I loved at Foot Locker! So while I was walking around I see this girl Christine who use to live at our apartments.. she had said when she was moving out we should get together but I could never find her on facebook or anything so I just let it go! Well I saw her tonight and she said we should definitely get together for a drink or something. Her husband is military and they aren't from here either, they have a son who is 2 and she said she feels a lot of how I feel all the time, lonely and no friends to do anything with. So we exchanged numbers and will hopefully get together!

After Sports Authority we headed to Walmart to get a few things.. apparently $60 worth of things.. I honestly don't know where money goes here.. but lets be honest Walmart is the devil! You can go into Walmart with the intention of buying 3 things you need and you come out $100 later with a bunch of shit you don't need.. it happens all the time!

Tomorrow I was planning on getting up and running to the mall and getting shoes and a Starbucks naturally and then doing things around the apartment before Jason gets home and we go to the gym but today when I was at work Jennie called, Jennie is Kevin Mallory's wife.. he works with Jason and they are going through all the immigration stuff that Jason and I went through and I think shes lonely because she cant work and shes pregnant.. so she called to see did I want to get together sometime. I told her that I had thought about it but I never have any days off.. however I was going to the mall tomorrow if she wanted to come. So I am picking her up tomorrow at 11am and we are heading to the mall!

That's really about it with us.. Ive had a really bad headache all day and I don't know what the problem is.. So I'm going to finish this and head to bed. I will leave you with some pictures of tonight's sky.. believe it or not it never rained! I assume it did in Eagle River but who knows!

So I will blog more I promise, I will be able to do so at work from now on because I will be on my own for a couple of weeks now! This is my last Tuesday off for awhile.. ugh! Besides I think Ive forgotten a bunch of things to tell you guys.. but if I remember I will blog quick notes!

I hope everyone had a great Monday.. is there is such a thing!

Here are some pictures of the sky tonight!


  1. Your Mom should be so proud of you! I can't believe your boss has never thought to make a sheet with helpful things since most people move in from far away! Kudos to you!!

  2. Thanks Cathy! Honestly I just know how hard it is to move to another State and have to get familiar with the area and find things, so I figured it would make it easier for people! What you should REALLY be proud of me for is today I took my first trip in the truck while driving myself!! I didnt get lost and I got everywhere I wanted to go and home with no troubles!! WOOHOO!! Even Jason was surprised! However I had to park far away from are apartment because I couldnt park in our spot in the garage! HAHA!