Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Keeping up with things.. like I said I would

Oh how I love days off.. and will inevitably miss them as I wont see another Tuesday off for 2 weeks!! Today was a good Tuesday to have off though, the weather was pretty decent for here so I picked up Jenny this morning at 11am and we headed over to the Dimond Center Mall! We got EXCELLENT Lattes NOT from Starbucks and then toured around the mall! I got new shoes, a new shirt for work, and a few other things! I got a BIG Yankee Candle for $10.. that's a friggin steal for those of you who don't buy Yankee Candles!! I was super happy!

I got home and Jason and I decided not to go to the gym tonight but to go for a walk instead. So I chatted with Barb for awhile and made chicken quesadillas for dinner! After dinner Jason watched the end of the Celtics game and was super upset when they lost! So we decided to go for a walk, well when I went to put my new runners on they didn't feel right! Well to be honest I didn't try them on today before I bought them because I was just at the mall last week and wore them around! Well they didn't feel the same so we decided to take them back! Turns out they were the right size that I had on last week because the guy who was helping me was there.. haha so I kept them.. WASTED TRIP! haha needless to say Jason was super impressed!

When we got home it was still early so we decided to still go for a walk, on our way out the new neighbours I moved in yesterday were just coming out of there apartment which was great because I really wanted Jason to meet them! Well they were so super nice and gave me a really nice card with a Walmart gift card in it! I told them they didn't have to get me anything that I was just doing my job and I know what its like to move around not know what you're getting into! I am very grateful that they are so grateful but I really feel like I shouldn't accept the gift card! But we talked about grilling together one night so maybe we will just buy the stuff for that or something! They are super nice people!

Anyways we left them and went for a walk around the lake, all the ice is finally gone! It was so nice to walk around the lake, SO NICE! It kind of reminded me of home! We even saw a beaver!! We're not totally sure if it was a beaver or an otter but honestly with all the beaver cut trees around here (HUNDREDS) it was probably a beaver! Little buggers are making a huge mess around here!

Anyways I took a bunch of pictures.. check them out!

Here is Jason checking out the creek! He is determined to find the ideal fishing spot..

Here are my new shoes!!! SO BRIGHT! I absolutely LOVE them! They are New Balance runners, super light weight.. I absolutely LOVE them!

The lake.. with no ice.. FINALLY!!

Fiona these are for you.. you said that Jason and I should take pictures together.. here you go!! The first one we took Jason said the sun was in his eyes so we should take another one, haha well the second one the sun was in my eyes!

It really is so pretty here.. super pretty!

So we got home and had showers and a few bites of Jason's caramel macchiato ice cream.. yes we even buy Starbucks ice cream.. haha or Jason does! I'm on my own at work tomorrow, should be a good day!!

I hope everyone has a good Wednesday!!


  1. Great pictures and I'm glad to see some with both of you ! Beautiful lake!
    Yellow sneakers Nic? What were you thinking???
    Glad to hear you have made new friends.

  2. Haha I LOVE the sneakers! They are sooo me! Im on the hunt for a shirt to match.. those highlighter colors are so in right now and I think its great.. I just cant do pink because it clashes with my hair!
    The lake is beautiful, we are so lucky to have it behind the apartment, we even saw a beaver! Havent seen a moose in a couple of days unfortunately but I suppose something is better than nothing!!

  3. Stunning photos of the lake. It is REALLY pretty. And as Fiona said, nice to see a couple of photos of you AND Jason!