Saturday, May 12, 2012

She's gone!!!

Well I am officially by myself for the rest of the month!! Not that I'm not usually by myself at work but they are out of the state and I get to run the show.. basically! I'm pretty glad their gone, Tom pissed me off yesterday! He comes in to get some bank deposits I put together and when he walked in the door Deanna said "Want some money honey?" and I laughed and said "I wish someone would say that to me" and he gets this stupid look on his face and said "Ha lets be honest you don't need our money".. what the fuck is that suppose to mean? That's harassment.. they THINK they know our financial situation because of the information we had to put on our application.. honestly I wanted to tell him "You're right I don't need your money.. remember that.. I don't need this god damn job either! REMEMBER THAT!" Asshole! What is with these people?!?

So they left last night which means I'm on call for the next two weeks straight.. and I'm running the office all by myself! So guess what.. first thing this morning Mike isn't working, he takes a super long lunch and did nothing all afternoon.. stellar.. and I get all these calls saying that nobody at Town Square will answer the phone! Am I the only one that's going to work while their gone? I didn't even see Clayton all day. I'm not going to deal very long.. I'm going to call Mike on his shit.. I know hes going to quit but he wouldn't pull this while Tom and Deanna are here and there is a huge list of stuff that they left for them to do so it better get done! So we'll see how that plays out.

Really there isn't much going on at all, Jason and I are getting super irritated by how expensive things are here.. groceries are costing us a small fortune to say the least! Not to mention gas is now $4.35 a gallon.. BULLSHIT! Honestly we couldn't feel better about the fact that I'm working and making the money I am because if that wasn't the case we wouldn't be saving anything! I thought Saskatchewan was expensive but this is WAY WORSE!

On a really good note Tom and Deanna are coming back on the 26th which is a Saturday, so I work that day but I will have Sunday off as my regular day off, Monday which is Memorial Day and then my Tuesday off.. THREE DAY WEEKEND!!! WOOHOO!!!! So Jason and I are hoping to get out to Fairbanks and Denali for the weekend.. it would be GREAT if Jason could take Tuesday off, I'm sure he wont even though he has the vacation time and EVERYONE on this job is taking time off left right and center and plans too.. so I don't know why he couldn't take one day.. but we'll see! We both are hoping to have time off with mom and dad, Uncle Stick and Aunt Bren!! We have so much planned to do with them I don't know how we will get around now!

That's really it around here, I have to work tomorrow which SUCKS! Today was DEAD.. so I bought some coffee tonight at the grocery story.. ya huh I did! So I plan to drink coffee all day and read tomorrow! Its making me feel a lot better about the day. Honestly its been MISERABLE here the last week.. SO COLD, overcast and calling for rain every day even though we have yet to get it. In the last couple of days the wind has picked up majorly.. MAJORLY and so winter coats, gloves, scarves, mittens and fur boots are still a must! Its never going to get nice here.. never. I hate Alaska.

I wondering when mom and dad are going to come home from up north.. if they are going to come home.. dad met Megan for the first time this weekend.. Jeffery and Lisa's new baby.. I'm pretty sure she will be the end of him.. honestly this child is so gorgeous that I seriously had a gut wrenching moment of baby fever.. naturally it passed but its rare someone else's child makes me want my own. Dangerous!

Not sure how the weather will be this weekend, again they are calling for rain but they are liars, they should just call for cold and call it even! We are planning to go to the shooting range if its not raining but that's really it! If I don't get a chance to blog before Sunday or on Sunday than I will cover my basis now and wish all you WONDERFUL MOTHERS a VERY HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!! I have great admiration and respect for all of you, being a mother is a challenging job everyday! I hope you are all spoiled like you deserve!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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  1. OMG ! I am so glad you had a gut wrenching moment of baby fever ! Not dangerous at all ! In time !!!!