Saturday, May 26, 2012

Long Weekend?

Just wanted to give you all a heads up!! Jason and I are heading out of town as of first thing Sunday morning! We are heading down to Fairbanks and than Monday we are going to make our way to Denali National Park!! We couldn't be more excited!! Not only am I sooooo excited to have a 3 day weekend but we've been pretty stationary for awhile which you all know is not like us at all and I'm getting antsy! I'm really looking forward to the 8 hour drive to Fairbanks! Jason has already done a bunch of research about the drive and the park and tonight we completed the search for "must know information" with where we will eat! Haha Jason has picked a BBQ joint and his meal!!

Anyways its been a super long week and I work for a bunch of lying rat bastards who said that they actually wouldn't be back until tomorrow but were caught driving around the properties checking shit out today.. who the fuck are they? I HATE GAMES! If they knew they were coming back why the hell would they lie? More than that why wouldn't they call and say they are back and is everything OK and did anyone need anything? Christ this is their second 3 week vacation in the last two months!! She screwed herself though because she is going to be back in the office on Tuesday after being away for 3 weeks and she isn't going to have a clue! I'm going to book every move out I can for her just because I'm a bitch like that! I hate that they cant just be half decent people, EVER! On a good note I will be off on Tuesday, she will be at Town Square on Wednesday and then Thursday Ive scheduled a bunch of stuff and she doesn't work on Friday or Saturday.. genius.

Well Jason and I are both working tomorrow, yes we are both working the Saturday of a long weekend.. that's just how it goes! Jason is still quite sick, it doesn't seem to be going away and he swears its because he doesn't have any Buckley's! I filled mom in today though and shes going to rectify that! Jason said tomorrow we are grilling with Rob and Jason so I didn't think I would have time to blog before we leave but I promise to make the effort on Tuesday. Kevin's wife wanted to go out but I think I want to stay home and do nothing so if that's the case I will make sure to post all the pictures and blog about what I'm sure will be an amazing weekend!!

Hope you all have a great weekend!!


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  1. Have a wonderful time in Denali National Park!!! Take lots of pictures ! I hope you get to see lots of wildlife....including bears ! BUT DON'T FEED THEM !