Monday, May 14, 2012

Oh Sunday... You go by so fast!

Good Morning all,

I didn't have time to write last night so I thought that I would do so this morning because I don't see myself having time this afternoon!

Yesterday was a good day, a good day but a VERY COLD day! I got to sleep in which was GREAT and than we went to a GREAT lunch at the City Diner! We had a great breakfast there a couple of weeks ago and like the genius's we are we decided to get brunch on MOTHERS DAY!.. HELLO LINES! We went to a different place first but everywhere was packed so we went to what we know is good! Lunch was awesome and then we headed to the shooting range. It was pretty miserable outside but the closer we got to the ocean the colder is got.. yuck!

I'm not going to lie the beauty didn't outweigh the cold! It was sooo windy at the range and so cold.. I could barely see because my eyes were watering so bad.. not that it is an excuse for my terrible performance yesterday. I didn't have a lot of fun there yesterday, there was a group of 6 morons and a child beside us and the kid was so little that he should have never been there! Not only should he have not been there kicking dirt and being a little bugger but he ABSOLUTELY should NOT have been shooting a gun with a bunch of people who thought guns were a big joke.. the kid was no more than 4 at best.

We decided to leave after awhile, which was a good thing because we were only in the truck 5 minutes and it started to rain! We didn't feel like heading home just yet so we went for a little drive out to Beluga Point! Jason really wants to see some mountain goats or doll sheep but with the miserable weather there wasn't much out! We did drive for awhile and saw some amazing views, found a few good places to take the fam when their here!

We got home around 230pm and there was 15 missed calls and 7 messages! God I hate being on call!! Worst of all they were all from the same person!! Let me tell you, your toilet running is NOT an emergency and it sure as hell isn't worthy of leaving 7 messages.. honestly. So I got that all straightened out!

The afternoon flew by of course, we did some cleaning and made dinner, lunches and I decided to have an early bath so I could lay in bed and crochet and watch TV.. I was pretty tired yesterday and semi convinced that I am developing a head cold of some sort! Anyways I was in the tub and I hear Jason outside yelling to someone, I figured Rob or something! But then I came out of the shower and got my pajamas on and Jason said he was talking to Aaron, those people who just moved in and bought me the Walmart gift card! As Ive said before they are beyond nice!! Anyways they invited us for dinner tonight and Jason readily agreed, which sounds great to me! Unfortunately at that moment Jason decided that we should DEFINITELY bring something and he needed me to go with him to pick so we HAD to go out right then and get ice cream and get something to take!

I got dressed and when we were going out the door I asked Jason to blow out the candle.. well he picked it up and honestly I don't know what happened but this is what resulted...

The wax is also all over the couch and pillow.. and who knows where else.. haha I have no idea what he was doing!

So we headed to Cold Stone Creamery because Jason wanted ice cream but we couldn't find it, so we ran into Carr's to get something to take to dinner tonight and ended up with Cheesecake.. oh how I love cheesecake!! It was nice to go out to be honest, the weather had gotten so much better and it even seemed a little warmer!

So we got home and I headed to my planned seat in bed to watch TV and crochet for awhile before going to bed, well Jason came in just after 10pm and we kept the TV on until just after 11pm and honestly it was STILL light out!! It stays light until about 11:30pm now and last night it was really bothering me, I just COULDN'T sleep! I barely got any sleep last night which is not a good way to start the week! Buying an eye mask is on the top of my life of things to do!

Well I should get ready for work, should be a long boring day! I'm in desperate need of a hair cut because its taking me 16 hours to do it in the morning.. flippin' mess! Plus Ive got to check the weather before I get dressed, theres a rumor around here that it might actually get nice this week, I think its probably bullshit but I figure its worth checking it out!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Monday!!

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