Thursday, May 3, 2012


Well its after 10pm so I really don't think this is going to be very long, and I don't have any pictures to add so therefore its going to look even shorter!

I must start off this email by saying... Work has been absolutely NUTS but we have absolutely NO VACANCIES!! WOOHOO!! I'm honestly really psyched about the whole thing, super psyched actually!! We had a lot of really good units come available and honestly I had most of them rented before the other people even moved out! I have two that were trashed and of course they don't want to replace the carpets but honestly one of them is going to need to be done! Cheap bastards, we are completely full and have a pile of applications for people waiting for June and July and they wont spend money! They wont spend the money because right now Town Square has 12 vacancies and at the end of the month if nothing gets rented it will be 20! They keep hinting that I need to go over there but honestly its not going to happen, its on the other side of Anchorage and I'm not driving back and forth there everyday.. that would make this job not at all worth it!

Monday was absolutely ridiculous, I had 3 walk thrus and 3 move ins.. plus all the other good stuff! I had a guy come in, hes consulting on site where Jason works for the client! Hes apparently a self employed southern gentleman who makes $30,000.00 a month! He was super sweet and kept telling me how beautiful I am, and how my eyes are just gorgeous, apparently my sneeze is even cute! HAHA! He was looking for a discount on rent or something.. he was missing a few fingers too, I suppose that meant his job is dangerous.. so I guess he deserves that $30,000.00 a month!

Yesterday as my day off and I FINALLY got to sleep in, I got up at 10am and laid around for awhile and then I made some healthy banana muffins, no sugar, butter, whole wheat flour.. they aren't that bad, put a little organic peanut butter on them and they are aces! They have a bit of honey in them which offsets the lack of sugar. I did a bunch of cleaning, worked out and then had a shower and got ready to go out! Jason and I planned to go to the Moose's Tooth last night on account that I have wanted to go there for so long! Well you know when you want something for so long and then you finally get it and it sucks.. well that's what happened! Not to mention when we got there Jason realized there was no TVs and was PISSED! So we finished dinner and headed to the Peanut Farm for beers to watch the game.. low and behold the Celtics won even though Rondo ran his mouth and couldn't play.. Jason was a happy camper!

After the Peanut Farm we headed to the mall to check out some shoes, I really wanted some new Nike's (don't tell dad) but I think Ive decided on some New Balance, either way they only had two colors so I thought I would come home and see what they had online, WELL.. they are $40 more expensive online plus shipping.. WHAT THE FUCK??

Well let me tell you I'm wont be ordering anything online anymore.. If I didn't mention I did some online shopping at Lululemon on Saturday, a nice new No Limit tank and a pair of Studio crops.. I was soo excited!! They were suppose to be delivered today and if at any point in time I was near my apartment I stopped to see if there was a FedEx Parcel! So Jason says he was home and he could hear someone knocking downstairs and had a feeling it might be FedEx, turns out the moron went to the wrong apartment!! Thankfully Jason saved my parcel! So I came home and before getting ready for the gym I thought I would open up my new shit and sport it tonight.. WELL.. THEY FUCKED UP MY ORDER!!! I got two efficiency jackets or whatever.. same EXACT jacket sizes 8 & 10!!! So naturally I couldn't call because of the time difference but let me tell you I am FURIOUS! I waited and waited for this stuff because naturally they don't have GOOD stores here like Lulu and I get screwed... I'm going to pitch the biggest bitch fit ever!! Just wait!

Tonight we went to the gym, which always puts me in a good mood.. strictly on account of all the things you see there.. for example tonight's epic vision.. This woman who is approximately 60, and let me first say that I give her complete props for being at the gym and working her ass off, lady was sweating up a storm.. lol it was her outfit I had a problem with! She was wearing tights, pulled all the way up under her boobs and a sports bra on.. that's it. Let me make this clear, you SHOULD NEVER construct your own unitard just because the close are stretchy.. a camel toe will appear, making everyone around you extremely uncomfortable and at that age a regular bra with a tshirt is necessary. Again good for you for staying in shape.. but pulling your pants up under your boobs isn't going to prevent them from touching your knees.. those pants offer no support to your lady friends. Just saying.

So lunches are made, watched the new criminal minds and now I am heading to bed. Jason just went in there to read, ya mom I said it! Mike gave me a book on bear attacks and Jason is absolutely in love with it.. its super gruesome and when it gets really detailed he reads out loud... haha at least hes reading!

Deanna is in the office tomorrow and then tomorrow night we are grocery shopping! I'm hoping tomorrow is a little warmer then today at least, we are back to winter jackets, hats, mitts and scarves! I hate Alaska!

Tomorrow is Thursday.. only 3 more days of work! YAY!

Hope everyone is having a great week!

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