Monday, September 14, 2015

Old Recipe with a New Face

Good Afternoon,

So today I thought I would stop by and share with you the new face I put on an old recipe! Do you remember THIS recipe? The mini chicken pot pies? Well Jason has been asking for them for awhile now and seeings how fall weather is gracing us with its presence I figured why not?

The basics of the recipe are still the same, the crust and the filling but instead of putting a lid on this little pie so to speak were going to top it a little differently.

One change I made was to buy the honey butter flaky biscuits from Pillsbury, truth be told I just grabbed them and didn't realize but Jason really enjoyed it.

The second change that needs to be made is to bake the crusts a little before putting the filling inside to make sure the crust get crisp everywhere. I made six little pies and bought a package of 8 buns.. so the two extras I just pulled them into three pieces each and added the 1 piece each to the 6 buns. I rolled them flat and put them into the muffin tins. As I mentioned at this point when you have tucked the crust into the muffin tray you will want to bake the crusts alone for a good 10 minutes on 375 - 400. Make sure before putting your crusts in the muffin tray make sure to butter the cups so your pot pie will slip out without issue when you are ready to eat.

Prior to filling your pie crusts or starting any of the pie itself you will want to make some mashed potatoes! For 6 little pies I believe I used 4 regular sized potatoes. You can make the potatoes however you want, we like garlic whipped so that's what I did.. but however you like them go with that.

After you have baked the crusts you will want to take the crusts out of the oven and add your filling which you can find a recipe for in the post above.. or HERE.

Once you have filled your pies with your stuffing put them back in the oven for another 10 minutes or so until you know your crusts are fully cooked and your filling inside is hot! 

Hopefully your potatoes are still warm at this point, bring out your pot pies that are now fully cooked, switch your oven to broil and top your pot pies with your potatoes. 

As you can see it can get a little messy, probably because in my opinion its better to over stuff than under stuff! I made sure to have a baking sheet under my muffin tray to prevent a huge in the oven as well. Now that you have topped your pot pies stick them back in the oven on the top shelf and let the tops of your potatoes crisp a bit and reheat a little I suppose. If you don't care to crisp the potatoes then you can absolutely skip this step. 

I personally use a muffin stone, its not an actual tin but I believe it will work the same in a tin. As I mentioned above make sure you buttered the inside of the muffin cup before putting in your crust and baking it, you can also use cooking spray. I also made extra gravy to use on top of your potatoes, again this is a preference thing. 

Obviously these are going to be hot coming out of the oven so be careful, but as I said they should slide right out. I just used a knife to cut the pieces that had baked together and then slid them onto a plate. I would make sure to have your plate handy, these things aren't super sturdy and they are hot, you don't want to be carrying them to the other side of the kitchen. 

So there you have it, super easy and so very tasty a great fall or winter dinner! We obviously didn't eat all 6 of these that night so I decided to cover them in foil and reheat them in the oven when we decided to have them the next day for lunch. Reheating them in the microwave would definitely work but I figured with the gravy inside they would potentially go soggy. Take them out of the fridge about 20 minutes before you plan to put them in the oven so they aren't so cold and then they will heat evenly in the oven without burning!

We enjoyed these both ways, with a top and with the potato topping!! 

If you give this recipe a try please tell me what you think! As I have mentioned before you can absolutely make them your own, using beef or turkey as well. You can mix up the vegetables, whatever suits the liking of your family or those you are feeding! 

Thank you as always for stopping by, happy cooking! 

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  1. Looks yummy! What is a muffin stone? I must Google that! We used a pizza stone when we stayed in North Carolina. The people we rented from didn't have anything to heat a pizza in, so I went & asked her if she had something we could borrow, and that's what she gave me.

  2. A muffin stone is basically like a muffin tin but made of stone, just like a pizza stone. I have a TON of pampered chef stones in casserole dishes and so on and I absolutely love them. I tried to find the one I have on pampered chef but they don't seem to have it, you can check out this one on Amazon, just copy the link below!

    I have a 6 tray one which is great for just the two of us and I find the actual size of the cup to be a lot bigger which is great for muffins, these pies as well as meatloaf.. I make my meatloaf in a muffin tray rather than a bread pan or something.