Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Labor Day Weekend 2015

Good Afternoon!!

I know the first rule of blogging everyone always says is to have a routine and post generally around the same time, I use to really try to make that a priority but right now I feel good about getting a post out everyday! I did intend to post today as it was on my 'to do' list and I am scratching it off as we speak!

I hope you all had a fabulous Labor Day weekend, as I mentioned last week we headed home on Thursday night as Jason had a dentist appointment on Friday morning. I cant tell you how much easier it is to be in Maryland knowing that we get to go home so often! Not to mention because we get to go home as much as we do I don't feel like the time we are there just flies by, we really enjoy it and don't spend the whole time cleaning and getting things done around the house because we get to be there so often, I am so very grateful.

I had everything ready on Thursday night when Jason got home from work so we were able to get right on the road. I anticipated that it was going to be a really long drive being the long weekend and all, plus after years of driving hours and hours and HOURS being in the car more than two hours always feels long. It was a BEAUTIFUL night...

We stopped in Virginia and grabbed subway and then made our way home... we were lucky to hit no traffic on the way and made really good time but none the less it felt like a long drive. It was however really nice to get home and not have a ton of unpacking to do and we didn't shut down the house like we usually do knowing it wouldn't be long until we were back again so the transition was seamless! 

Our time home was so great, the weather was alright but we didn't have anything planned so we just made the most of our time there. I know I say it all the time but I am definitely happiest while home, I sleep so much better there, probably courtesy of the king size bed and all the room.. I love getting up in the morning to the smell of coffee, everything is just perfect! 

Saturday morning the weather was perfect to get out and do something, it was overcast but with no humidity so we decided to go to the driving range. We always enjoy going but this summer we have really gotten into it and go as much as we can. We plan to take advantage to living basically on a golf course here as well. Before you say anything about my golfing attire I will just explain myself.. yes I should be wearing legit shoes but even with no humidity the summers are HOT in the south, its a waste to do your hair and wear shoes no matter what you are doing. Period. 

Although Jason thinks it totally affects my game, I don't see how.. although I am not a pro star golfer by any means! 

While we were home I also managed to get some fall decor ready for the house, and although it may be a little early I was so excited about the wreath that we decided to hang it before we left! I really love the way it turned out, a little pop of color in the middle. Is it just me or is anyone else ready for fall? I literally cannot wait. I say this while it is literally 100 degrees today! 

Overall we had a fabulous weekend and believe or not we left yesterday around 2:30pm and we didn't hit any traffic AT ALL, I was expecting we would sit in traffic for hours because of the long weekend and literally.. nothing! In fact I think we might have made our best time ever, great way to end the weekend. 

I was glad to get back early last night because we decided to bring back some fall stuff because we don't anticipate going home until the beginning of October and we weren't sure what the weather would be like here before than, better to be prepared! Anyways we got home and as we started to put things away I went into panic mode about not having enough room for things! I managed to get things mostly put away and then made a huge 'to do' list for today in order to get things sorted out today and calm my nerves. 

I have literally spent my day purging, organizing, cleaning and I feel sooooo much better about things. I absolutely HATE clutter, disorganization, and crap being thrown places for the sake of having a home when they really don't belong there. I have rectified that today and feel so much better! 

So I wanted to stop by here and recap our weekend and wish you all a fabulous Tuesday! Yay for a short week! Plus this week is regular season NFL!!!!!!!! The Patriots play the Steelers on Thursday and obviously we couldn't be more excited! I think its going to be a good week! 

Thank you all for stopping by, I hope you had a fantastic weekend! 

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  1. Absolutely LOVE the wreath!

    1. Thanks Cathy!! I am so ready for all things fall and we are super happy with how the wreath turned out! I wish we were home to decorate the house but I think I might go all out with the apartment this year just for the hell of it!
      I hope you are well! Xo