Thursday, September 24, 2015

Fall Bucket List 2015


I am soooo happy that it is officially fall and what is even better is that the weather is actually following suit! I expected it to be hot as hell at least through October but to my surprise the humidity is gone and the crisp air has graced us with its presence! I was so ready for this weather and this time of year, there is something about it that is absolutely magical! Fall has always been and will always be my absolutely FAVORITE time of you!

I thought I would stop by today and share with your my fall bucket list! I had intended to do this yesterday but the day literally flew by! You know those days where you look at the clock thinking it will be whatever time and its actually 2 or 3 hours later.. that was yesterday for me! Not that I am complaining I had a really good day, but I didn't get all that I wanted to accomplish done with the whole.. where the hell did the last 4 hours go! 

Yes I am going to share all the fall sayings I can because I seriously am so thrilled with the fact that its finally here and we plan to make the absolute most of it this year! A lot of years we plan to do a ton of fall things and then Jason works 7 days a week 12 hours a day and it doesn't happen. Or like last year we didn't get to go home much and were in the middle of a huge city and there isn't exactly a pumpkin patch on every corner! This year however things are quite different and I cannot wait to make the most of fall and all it has to offer!! I have put together a fall bucket list and I thought I would share it with you today! 

My 2015 Fall Bucket List

1. Visit an Apple Orchard

2. Visit a Pumpkin Patch

3. Have an Apple Cider & Apple Cider Donut 

4. Enjoy a Caramel Apple Spice Drink from Starbucks (its one of their best drinks!)

5. Take a scenic fall drive (or a million)

6. Do some kind of fall craft

7. Bake at least one old fall recipe & and one new (and share it with you guys)

8. Have a bonfire! 

9. Decorate the apartment (I usually don't but we'll never be home to decorate our house so this year its happening!!)

10. Burn all the fall scented candles

11. Go to a football game, not necessarily an NFL game.. but we are super close to Baltimore

12. Visit a corn maze (already looked one up)

13. Take a walk & explore somewhere new. 

14. Attend a fall fair

15. Attend a Veterans Day Parade

16. Go to the fair 

17. Stomp on crunchy leaves (because I'm 5)

18. Watch the sunrise, because this is the best time of year to do so. 

19. Enjoy the magical littler things and don't take them for granted.. seeing your breath in the crisp air, admiring the beautiful foliage, take in the amazing fresh smell in the air. 

20. Wear scarves & hats! 


22. Take pictures with my camera

23. Watch Football.. obviously. 

24. Make Soup

25. Rake Leaves

26. Eat Candy Corn

27. Unplug from social media & my phone.. just enjoy life!

28. Drink Lattes.. and lots of them! 

29. Watch a fall movie (The witches of Eastwick) with popcorn

30. Go horseback riding. 

31. Hit up the Farmers Market!

32. Listen to Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong

33. Major House cleaning.. inside and out! 

34. Make coffee with cinnamon in it. 

35. Visit a small town on a sunny day & take in all it has to offer. 

36. Try a new flavor of tea. 

37. Buy all things fall from the Gap (I have a birthday coming if someone wants to let Jason know about this one ;) )

38. Leave the windows open at night. 

39. Send snail mail. 

40. Enjoy each day. 

If you are interested in making your own Fall Bucket list or one with your kids you can click HERE for a link to a printable fall bucket list. 

Once winter rolls around.. *shudders* I will make sure to stop back and let y'all know what I actually accomplished from this list! I think I have a really good chance at checking them off this year as Jason and I are already in full swing of planning! We have been waiting for cooler weather to make the most of our weekends and it is finally here! Sadly this weekend they are calling for rain all weekend so we'll get some errands done, I plan to do some baking (also on the list) and of course FOOTBALL! 

Alright so there you have it, tonight is also the premier of all the ABC shows and let me tell you I am SO EXCITED! I hate that they conflict with Thursday night football but hey, that's what a DVR is for! 

I hope you have all had a great day, thank you as always for stopping by! 

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  1. "36. Try a new flavor of tea. " Have you tried Lady Grey tea? It's a new blend that Twinings have out: like Earl Grey, but the bergamot isn't as overpowering. Light, fragrant and very easy to drink!