Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Disappointing Products 9.30.2015

Is it really the last day of September? Somehow that is extremely shocking to me.. I don't know where the summer went let alone September. I'm not complaining or anything its just rare that time flies the way it has!

Anyways Tanya reminded me in the most friendly way that my blog game is slacking and well.. she ain't wrong now is she? So I thought I would grace ya'll with my presence today and share a few products that I have tried recently that wasn't worth the money I spent on them! But before we get into that if you have a minute I highly recommend checking out Tanya's latest post in honor of National Coffee Day, you can read it HERE!

As I have mentioned previously I haven't actually been trying as many products lately as I have in the last year because its not as convenient here to do so and I am no longer getting a Birch box subscription which is where a lot of my product sampling came from. However here and there I pick things that I have either heard are worth trying or that I have come across and picked up hoping for the best! As always there are going to be things that you love and things that you hate, I try and share both with you and as I mentioned before what didn't work for me may indeed work for you, this is all about my experience.

So lets jump in!

1. Wet n' Wild with Fergie - Velvet Matte Lip Color

This must be a super new product because I cannot find it online anywhere, not even on the Wet n' Wild website. I came across it last night at Walgreens for $3.49 and I am all about the matte lip color these days and I thought this would be great for fall. I immediately took it out of the package (after buying it of course) and tried it on. My first thought was that it was not at all the color it appeared to be on the outside, like not even close. Its also not as pigmented as I had hoped but it is buildable. I liked the consistency of the product, putting it on my lips it was really hydrating which is definitely not a given when it comes to matte lip products. It wears well, especially considering the price. If you are lucky enough to be able to swatch them before you buy them than I would say you are in good shape but they didn't have any testers at Walgreens and as I said this was not at all the color I had hoped it would be so definitely keep that in mind. 

** I just pulled the product out to swatch it on my hand so I could put a picture here of a swatch the when I pulled the lid off THE WHOLE PRODUCT CAME OUT, it was broken!!! I just bought this last night and used it once. Now I definitely wouldn't recommend it!! **

Let me just start off by saying that the regular voluminous butterfly mascara by L'Oreal is one of my absolute favorite mascaras of all time, so I was really interested in trying the intenza version and I absolutely hated it. First of all I bought waterproof which was my own mistake because I absolutely HATE waterproof mascara but because mascara isn't cheap I figured it was an annoyance I could overlook. What I found interesting about this product that is different than the regular one is the shape of the wand and how its actually hollow in the center, turns out that is not a good thing. I found very quickly that all the product gets stuck in the hollow center and therefore when applying the mascara it clumps on your lashes like CRAZY! Applying the product was absolutely miserable, I have pretty long and easy to work with lashes so it was definitely the mascara and most likely the wand. There is really nothing you can do to get it out of the center of the wand and when you do it happens all over when you dip it back in to pick up more product. I dealt with this twice and tossed it all.. don't waste your money or time. 

I believe that Sonia Kashuk is exclusive to Target so I'm not sure this is a product that will be available to you in Canada but if not you aren't missing out! There is nothing necessarily bad about this product but there is nothing great about it either. I don't find its great or has a very good lasting power. It is said to cost $5.99 on the Target website but I am positive I paid $3.99 so I am not complaining too much. I would suggest trying another brow gel over this one. 

Dry shampoo is a funny thing.. everyone has a different preference and depending on your hair type some may work for you and some may not. I have tried a TON of different dry shampoos and sadly this one did not work for me. I found it on sale for super cheap at Shop Rite one day so I grabbed it, I don't use a ton of dry shampoo so they tend to last me quite awhile. At first I thought I liked this one but truthfully you have to use it prior to feeling any greasiness in your hair because it definitely does not soak up grease. I would recommend this more for adding texture and grit to your hair for an updo or curls rather than trying to get another day out of your unwashed hair. I use texturizing spray so I personally would not purchase this again. 

I was looking for a cheap nail polish because most often I cant bring myself to spend $9.00 on a bottle of nail polish. Anyways I grabbed this one at Target one day and basically you get what you pay for. This line they are all $1.99 and they basically wear crappy. They apply alright but they are by no means long lasting and needless to say I wouldn't recommend it them. If you are looking for something for one day and you need a color you don't have they have a huge variety so grab it for cheap and use it for one day.. but that's about all they are good for. 

I was looking for a cheaper alternative to my OPI top coat because its $10.00 and well I guess I'm cheap. Truth be told I should have spent the money (and might have if they had it at Target when I went to look) because this one sucks. When I use the OPI topcoat on basically any nail polish it lasts me 3 weeks generally before I have to paint my toes again (I only paint my toes). I used this and by the end of the week I have chipping and because I'm a little OCD I have to repaint. Not cool. I say go cheap with the nail polish and spend the cash on the top coat.. just one girls opinion! 

I went out looking to purchase the new NYX brow pencil because I've heard its a dupe for the Anatasia Brow Wiz but it was sold out everywhere that I looked. I always hear amazing things about Sonia Kashuk from everyone and so I thought I would give her brow pencil a try as it was in the same price range as the NYX one I had been looking for and was a good color match for my brows. This product retails for $7.99. 
I really don't like it, you cant sharpen this so it gets extremely dull and therefore has no precision in applying. The texture is waxy and I don't care for the way it applies or wears throughout the day. Its not a terrible product but its not a great one either. With all the brow products out there these days this would probably be one of the last ones I would reach for. 

I love the smell of anything apple and now that fall has officially arrived I wanted the house to smell accordingly. I have always enjoyed Glade candles and wax melts in the previous years so when I saw this years fall scents I couldn't wait to grab one! These did not smell AT ALL, I couldn't smell them while they were burning, not even if I was standing right beside the burner. It was only $2.29 but that's not really the point. I don't know if I got a bad package or if its this particular scent because today at Big Lots I grabbed the Maple Tree scent from last year and its fabulous! So I suppose you could give it a try but I wouldn't recommend the apple scent sadly because it doesn't smell at all. 

So there you have it, a few disappointment products! You are never going to love everything you purchase and I don't come here to complain about them but more so to share my experience and possibly prevent you from wasting your money. 

I hope you are all having a great week! Thank you as always for stopping by! 

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  1. Thanks for the heads up on all of these! I totally agree on the Dry Shampoo, I am super picky and am currently trying in haste to use up a Pantene one too! I totally was going to buy the Apple wax melts, I'll hold off but maybe it was just a bad one because I usually love these.

    1. It definitely could be that I got a bad batch of wax melts because I too love the glade ones! I am burning a pack from last year now in a different scent and its really good. Truthfully though I feel the ones from Kohls are the best ones out of them all, even over Yankee Candle!