Friday, September 4, 2015

New Baby & A Nasty Cold

Good Morning,

If you're surprised that I actually made it here today, so am I. I didn't know how the day would play out but I am still feeling pretty crumby so Jason went to get a hair cut and go to the dentist while I putter around the house. When he gets home I need to go replenish my cold medicine stock as it has diminished by my symptoms haven't. Honestly.. who gets sick in the summer?

Anyways we left off yesterday at our 4:30am wake up call on Monday! As I said I wasn't totally surprised that Lindsey went into labor, I suppose neither was Jason because when Dave called his cell phone he flew out of bed answering the phone with "Is it time??" Dave said we needed to hurry and luckily knowing I would be going over there bright and early Monday I had already packed a back pack the night before, so I grabbed my stuff and Jason got his work stuff and we headed out. We had a quick good luck exchange in the front of the house and they were off.

Jason still had some time before he had to be at work so he decided to rest his eyes on the couch...

Chloe decided to join him.. this picture is actually pretty hilarious because Jason isn't a huge dog person and after taking this picture Chloe slowly inched her way over to Jason and was trying to get on his lap! It was hilarious morning entertainment, Jason finally peaked out from under his hat to ask what the dog thought she was doing.. clearly he didn't get that she starts her day with a morning snuggle. 

I couldn't go back to sleep, so I made a coffee and enjoyed Netflix until the girls woke up. Believe it or not Lindsey and Dave left the house at I would say about 5:10am and Colton was born at 6:12am!!!! Lucky we got there when we did as the hospital is about a 20 minute drive away! I wont share too many photos because they aren't really mine to share but I have to let you see a picture of this gorgeous new baby! 

The picture makes him look a lot bigger than he actually is, he is SO TINY and PERFECT!

The girls did visit their new brother but we made our way back to the house after to meet Jason for dinner and get ready for bed. The girls did really well considering they are not use to being without Lindsey and obviously things were a little different than usual. We weren't home long before Jason arrived so the girls wanted to wait, they pulled out their little camp chairs and in true toddler fashion were over the waiting in about 2 minutes!! 


We had Chinese food for dinner which was a hit and then had baths and tidied up and waited for Dave to come home for bed time. As it had been an early morning for everyone, the girls and Jason rested while they waited.  

I'm not going to lie this picture melts my heart! 

The following day we saw the baby again and played at the house with the girls, we knew Lindsey and Colton wouldn't be home until Wednesday. We also got to visit the baby again.. let me tell you, I am in love! There is just something about new babies! 

So that was basically our week, after that it was just resting as I am still not feeling well and getting ready to come home! We left last night after Jason got off work, we didn't hit any traffic at all and made it home in exactly 4 hours! 

Jason just got back from getting a hair cut and I am going to get ready so we can head out and grab a few things for dinners and stuff while we are here. Jason has a dentist appointment at 11am which hopefully wont take long and then we plan to putter around town and enjoy the house! 

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend, make the most of what is left of summer! Thank you as always for stopping by, after writing this post and attaching all the pictures I plan to use my actual camera more because these iPhone pictures SUCK! My apologies! 

Have a great weekend! 

Ps- I wrote this all this morning then the internet went out and I haven't had it all day until now! I thankfully decided to copy everything I had written into word just in case and its a good thing I did because it deleted most of my post! Ugh.. internet! 

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