Thursday, September 3, 2015

National Harbor & Gilligans

Good Afternoon,

So I said I would try and make it back here today and tell you about our weekend and I wasn't sure it was going to happen but here I am.. I'm pretty impressed with myself. I should be doing a bunch of other things but I do believe it will get done before Jason gets home and we get on the road to head home!

Last Friday we were deciding what exactly what we were going to do on the weekend not sure when Lindsey was going to be going into the hospital as she was suppose to be induced and we would be watching the girls. Turns out they moved her induction to Monday so Jason and I thought we would head to National Harbor for the day on Saturday and check it out. Although there isn't a lot to do in Waldorf for the most part there is a ton to do in the surrounding areas so we have been taking advantage. National Harbor is about a half hour away and we figured we wouldn't spend the whole day there but we wanted to explore all it had to offer.

Its a super beautiful place, right on the water as you can imagine being a harbor and all. 

Our first stop was Starbucks as I was dying to try the Strawberry shortcake frappucino.. it was quite good! 

We toured around the entire place, truth be told it isn't a full day adventure.. its not a huge place but it was beautiful and totally worth the time we spent there. 

Came across this guy.. not sure what exactly it is. Looks like a snake with legs.. gross. 

I'm not sure who this guy is buried in the sand, I think it was suppose to be Jesus. 

After a lot of wandering we decided we wanted to get something to eat. There were a TON of restaurants to choose from but we decided on Redstone American Grill. I had an AMAZING smoked turkey sandwich, if you are in the area I highly recommend this place! 

I told Jason I was going to take this picture.. so he continued to walk in front of me because he apparently wanted to be in it. 

After touring around National Harbor we decided to visit the Tanger outlets as they we two minutes from where we had parked. They of course didn't disappoint but were extremely busy, we didn't stay long but managed to score one good deal. 

The day turned out to be really hot so we got back to the apartment and decided to head over to the pool. In the half hour we were in the apartment the weather cooled which was fantastic which made our time at the pool that much more enjoyable. We are so fortunate that although our community pool is available to a ton of people no one really uses it. 

Sunday we met Dave and Lindsey and headed to Gilligan's Pier, they had been before but we hadn't and didn't have anything planned for the day. We are trying to enjoy the beach as much as we can while summer is still around and there is definitely lots of possibilities around here. The place is basically a tiki bar on the beach which was amazing! The girls swam and played in the water and we enjoyed the beach. 

There were palm trees and everything! They aren't native to this area so it was super exciting to see them. 

We had a really great afternoon and lunch. Funny story.. while the girls were playing on the beach Lindsey and I noticed that Lily was holding something while sitting in the water, it looked like a big piece of sea glass or something, little did we know she had picked up a JELLY FISH!!! Thankfully it didn't sting her, Lindsey and I flew out of our chairs yelling at her to put it down, I think we scared her more than anything. Its funny now that everything was fine but it definitely could have turned out differently. 

That's that crappy thing about the water here, there are jelly fish and we saw a water snake which to me was way worse. There's nothing you can do about it, at least it wasn't a shark I guess! 

So that was our weekend, we left Dave and Lindsey thinking that it was definitely possible we could have gotten a call that night that Lindsey was in labor.. turns out it came at 430am the next morning! 

I will fill you all in where I left off tomorrow. We are heading home tonight and I have a bunch of stuff I need to get done before Jason gets home from work! 

I hope you all had a great week, I have had a terrible cold since Sunday and am only now starting to feel back to normal, hopefully by the weekend! 

Oh and in case you missed it Tom Brady's appeal was overturned this morning and he wont be missing any games! Get your FREE BRADY shirts HERE haha! Regular season starts a week tonight, look out Steerlers.. we're comin' for ya! 

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  1. If I get one of those shirts im sure as heck not wearing it , that is a promise .. I would put it on the couch beside me like Jason was home watching with me only would be a lot quieter ...
    love and miss you so much
    love you mama