Thursday, September 10, 2015

In Case You Didn't Know..

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I know this is a random time to post, or I suppose more so this just isn't a typical time that I would post! Either way I didn't figure I would blog today because I just haven't had a lot to say lately, shocker I know.. but then I got an email from Tanya that inspired me to stop by and fill y'all in on a few things, because why not?

Did you know that the Honest Company (Jessica Alba is the founder) has recently released a line of makeup and skincare? ME EITHER! Well until today when Tanya sent me an email informing me! As you know the Honest Company is an organic based brand developed with safe ingredients for your family and their well being. I have tried a few things from the Honest Brand here and there and have absolutely loved everything so I was super anxious to check out what they were offering for makeup.

The range is really new and therefore limited, just a few items for each area of makeup which is a great way to start I would think, test the waters and get some feedback. The packaging is gorgeous, and the prices are extremely reasonable. Makeup prices can range from drugstore which is reasonable and within most peoples budgets to medium priced items such as MAC and then you can go super high end as in Dior and Burberry which are very expensive and although I haven't tried any of these products judging from the company and products I have used that they have developed and the prices on their new makeup and skincare line I would absolutely give them a try!

If you wold like to check out the Honest Beauty you can do so by clicking HERE.

While I was on the makeup kick and checking out things online it reminded me to check back and see if one of my favorite brands were doing online shopping yet. If you remember when we lived in Jersey City they Newport Town Center had one of the very few Kiko Milano cosmetics stores in the States and at that time they did not offer the ability to shop online which was a major disappointment! I miss that store a ton, their makeup is high end quality for super cheap pricing and you really cant beat that. WELLLL... when I checked today you can officially shop online and get free shipping with any $35.00 purchase!!! If you have not checked out their makeup or skin care I cannot recommend it enough!

You can visit their website, HERE.

While we are on the makeup talk I have to just throw it out there that E.L.F (Eyes Lips Face) is a super unrated brand and they always have AMAZING deals online. If you follow them on Instagram you will see all the amazing sales and deals they offer on a very regular basis. You can purchase the basics in Target and quite a few other places now but nothing like they offer online. I have personally used items from their new skincare line and I absolutely love them, in checking online today I have noticed that since the last time I visited the store or online they have actually expanded their skincare range to include cleansers and exfoliators. They have released an amazing new brush line as well as added to their makeup line tremendously. Many of these items are often reviewed and raved about by YouTube Beauty Guru Kathleen Lights and if you visit her channel you can see those. If you are interested in checking out the ELF website you can do so HERE.

As if all that wasn't good enough, Ulta is currently doing their 21 days of beauty, you can view what they are offering each day online and I highly recommend you do! Everyday there is a special and often there is up to 50% off products, this week there was 50% off Too Faced lipsticks!! AMAZING! Today Stila eyeliners are buy one get one for free! If you are interested in what is coming up you can view that HERE.

So there you have it, lots of amazing products for really great prices online and available to you!

If you are not into online shopping.. I don't know why that would be.. BUT if you prefer to go into the store than I have a tip for you as well. Milani has recently released a limited edition liquid matte lipsticks! I wont lie I made a special trip to Walmart to get one or two and they didn't have them, so I made a special trip to Ulta and they didn't have them!!!! I have yet to make it to the Walmart here but its on my list!

I also need to find the pecan pie M&Ms but that's a whole different story!

Anyways I don't have a TON to say these days but I thought I would stop in and share these bits on info with you, because I would want to know!

I am off to get ready for the big game tonight.. I am SO HAPPY football is back!!! In case you were wondering NFL Shop has a ton of sale right now too. Just sayin'... but I'm done now!

True story... mostly. 

Hope you guys had a great day!  

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