Thursday, May 2, 2013


Have any of you ever been to a Planet Fitness? Do they have a Planet Fitness in Canada? I don't even know.

Oh, forewarning, if you are easily offended I wouldn't continue reading! Because what I am about to tell you about offended ME!

Anyways last night we headed to the gym for the first time, although it is extremely small and busy we knew it was our only option so we got memberships. They actually had a promotion going so if you got a membership your spouse could get one for half off, and then for me its only $15.00 a month for unlimited tanning which I was extremely excited for.

We headed to the change rooms which are smaller than my bathroom at home. I was trying to wash my hands and this girl was trying to get changed and there was shit everywhere and we were tripping over each other it was crazy! When I made it out to where the equipment is Jason was just getting out there and said "I hate this place already, if the men and women's bathrooms were put together they would still be too small, the cardio equipment is a hundred years old.." he was so mad.

At this point we are already there so we might as well make the best of it. We decided to do chest and cardio before me tanning and leaving! Well the machines are usable, its small but its not like we couldn't get a good work out (trust me I'm feeling it today) but mostly I didn't care for the atmosphere of the gym. In Alaska at Planet Fitness they stressed a no judgement zone, there was no slamming weights, no grunting and moaning like a moron and if you did any of those things they set of a big lunk alarm that would draw attention to the individual acting like a tool bag and they would quit it. They took that very seriously, they wanted everyone to have a comfortable environment. Well this gym is anything but that, the place is full of lunk heads! They were all a bunch of tool bags with ZERO respect for the fact that they weren't in a bar!

Yes there was only 4 women in there including myself and I get that guys work out differently than woman and therefore their grunting and groaning and trying to impress each other pretty much comes with the territory but the conversation that was taking part around me even offended me! I can take excessive use of the F word, Ive been known to drop an F bomb here and there as well... but these two goobers beside me started an extremely loud conversation that went like this.. "Ya buddy we were at this party and I was in the bathroom and Rachel kept yelling at me through the door, " Mary wants to fuck you!" so I let her suck my dick for 4 hours" - Honestly I'm not even going to tell you how much further and more disgusting this conversation got, enough that I was FURIOUS! Honestly I was like.. Shut up, first of all this is all most likely bullshit and second of all no one worth talking about would touch you with a 10 foot pole let alone suck your dick for 4 hours, shut your ugly face and go to a bar if you want to have this conversation! HAVE SOME FUCKING RESPECT FOR THOSE AROUND YOU!

Jason agreed it was ridiculous but reminded me that everyone around here is stupid construction workers and they don't know any better. True, they were all of 20 if that.. ugh!

So after this, and having to stand in line to use machines or thinking we were using a machine and people jumping in.. your basic ridiculousness I said screw it and decided to go tanning. Well lets be honest although Ive already seen my fair share of sun this year I figured I should probably start off slow because I'm prone to burning! Well there was no fear of that because the tanning bed probably hasn't had the bulbs changed in 10 years! I went in for 10 minutes and nothing.. no freckles, no color, no nothing... bullshit!

I know it sounds funny but I seriously miss Alaska everyday! We had a life there, I had a job, Jason liked his job a lot more! We did stuff on weekends, had a great gym, had a great tanning place, it was just better! hindsight is 20/20 eh!

Oh well, the countdown is on! We fly out May 31st for our roll out.. THANK GOD!

Ive got some other stuff to blog about but I'll so later, I woke up still needing to vent about these tool bags at the gym!

Hope everyone is enjoying the summer weather we will probably never see here! Assholes! ;)



  2. Mom it is NOT funny! I was so furious! Douche bag crotch mouths.. good lord!