Sunday, April 28, 2013

Oh Canada!

No I'm not going to bust out in the National anthem, I was going to reiterate the appropriate parts of Jason's Canada rant yesterday.. haha!

Well as I'm sure you know we are pretty use to being in the States and therefore coming to Canada there is less of a variety when it comes to certain things and although that's hard to get use to we can cope for the short amount of time we are going to be here.. but yesterday was a cluster screw of massive proportions!

Jason didn't have to work yesterday so we thought we would do some running around and get some stuff done while enjoying the nice day! We got up and went to breakfast at Humpty's, we don't have Humpty's in Ontario... I believe it is actually only in the western provinces and we use to go all the time when we were in Saskatoon and they just put a new one in here we thought we would check out. Breakfast was good, although we had 12 waitresses haha! With a full belly we were on our way to check off our errands! We went to room by room furniture as we are still on the hunt for a cheap coffee table and although we didn't find anything we did do a lot perusing for ideas for the new house!

So with no coffee table we headed to our next venture of finding a suitable gym that didn't have an outrageous membership fee! No dice. We tried to gyms and although we are going to have to go with one of them we are paying over 5 times what we paid in Alaska for the two of us! Everything here is beyond expensive and because there is no chains for anything people can charge whatever they want!

Next mission.. hair cut.. for Jason! Of the two options in town we thought Dolly Sue's sounded a lot less metro sexual if you can believe it than the other place! Well long story short the girl butchered his hair, she basically shaved his head.. he looks like hes 12.. we both hate it! On a good note I managed to get some good shampoo to hopefully solve my dry scalp problem! Truth be told the water is the biggest problem here but there is nothing I can do about that!

Last but not least we really needed to get some groceries for the week as Jason was going to be working today! We had thought we would make calzones for dinner and so we definitely needed to get that stuff! Well long story short we couldn't get a damn thing! I don't get it, they only have 3 kinds of salad dressing, 3 kinds of cereal, etc... Well Jason went on a tirade! We were walking through No Frills with Jason ranting louder than I care to admit about how he HATES Canada! He went on to say that he was calling Charlie and telling him that he is NO LONGER working anywhere but the States, this is basically a third world country and he absolutely cannot tolerate it!

I figured at this point we were best off just going home before his mood and the situation escalated.. On the way there he decided that a few beers may help the situation and really it was a beautiful day for it... well... who knew the worst was yet to come!! Naturally beer is more expensive in Canada but good lord.. Jason came flying out of the beer store with nothing but a sour look on his face! Apparently a 15 pack of Budlight is $34.00 plus tax! So apparently we are never drinking here! I tell ya!

So now that Jason and I are on the same page about the hole of a town we are counting down the days until our roll out! We will head home early on the 31st and be there for the weekend and then head to North Carolina on Monday until Thursday to do our studio visit and pick everything for the house and of course see Evan and Brianne and meet Miss of Amelia! We will return late on Thursday night and then fly back to Saskatchewan Sunday night! Its going to be a busy trip but we are looking forward to the great escape!

I wish I had more to tell you about us, I swear there is absolutely NOTHING to tell about here. I feel like such a hack, I have nothing to write about, no pictures to share, no post cards to send... I mean its pathetic!

Hopefully I will have better things to chat about after our roll out!

On a good note the highlights of my week are as follows... delivery from David's Tea - I need something to perk me up! I ordered a pretty mug and some tea. My Tshirt should be here from Women's Running Community and its suppose to be nice weather. Exciting eh!

Alright I hope all is well with all of you, feel free to write with ideas of things for me to write about.. haha


  1. I think it might be a good idea to invest in some beer for Jason! Of course, bigger cities in Canada don't have this's only because you're in the middle of nowhere.

  2. Haha, not sure what is up with that place, even my hometown of 500 people in SK has more selection than that. But ya, the beer situation is brutal.