Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Gym, Tan, Goals?

OK, OK please ignore the Jersey Shore reference! I was at the gym last night and although I got in a good workout, I know this because I can barely lift my arms to tie my hair today, I did quite a bit of people watching while I was there!

When you go to the gym do you ever take note of the diverse crowd? I will generally say that I am a people watcher in that I take note of attire as I myself am a lululemon addict, and tattoos which I always find fascinating... but here in such a small gym I cant help but take note of the characters around me.

I go to the gym, always hoping to lose weight! I go because although sometimes I don't want to I always leave feeling great! I go because the feeling of noticing improvement is amazing and self gratifying! I go to the gym because when I do I feel better about myself than when I don't.. and sometimes I go to the gym because Jason makes me! Haha! Being in a smaller gym I cant help but wonder why these people go as I frequently see the same faces. Last night we were at the gym and on a Monday night it is usually at its busiest! So we have in one corner the real housewives of Estevan who have their nails done and their expensive workout gear and truth be told Ive never actually see them work out, they usually stand in the corner and catch up and giggle! Do they go to the gym to get away from their families and house just to have a break and catch up? Ive noticed recently there is a group of boys who are maybe 13 years old who I can tell are there together because of the way they smirk at each other now and then but wander around looking for machines they know how to use and settle in. I wonder why they go to the gym, are they on some kind of school team and they think it will help their performance? Do they think its cool to say "I went to the gym last night"? Then there is my favorite group by far, the gym rats with twisted faces who make the loudest grunting noises and throw weights around like they are one step away of being the hulk. I'm not going to lie this group irritates me!

I think that any reason you have that brings you to the gym is a good reason, whether you walk around with a notebook keeping track of your work out and progress, if you go for a stress reliever, or a break from home, any reason to get active is a good reason! I think its great that as I'm sure a lot of you know the gym is quite expensive, or most are to join and that's how people choose to spend their hard earned money!

In today's society I appreciate the fact that being healthy is so widely publicized now rather than just being thin and beautiful. For a long time I have felt that so much pressure has been put on society to look a certain way that people go about achieving that in all the wrong ways. Being healthy is a lifestyle, its a choice you make not just in one aspect of you life but all. There are so many ways to accomplish your health and fitness goals as long as you are committed!

I myself get up in the morning and have a coffee and breakfast, I do yoga for 45 minutes to an hour and then get ready for my day! Lunch is always something healthy, dinner is the same and then we go to the gym for an hour at least every night! I try to eat very healthy, I don't snack after dinner, I drink a ton of water throughout the day!

If an active healthy lifestyle is something you want but don't know how to go about achieving it, there are so many outlets to get advice, motivation and healthy recipes to encourage healthy eating! There are so many health and fitness myths that discourage people from trying, such as... before I decided to really work on what I consumed and how active I was I thought dieting meant starving myself all day.. WRONG! Eating healthy is actually the opposite, with some advice from friends with an extraordinary amounts of knowledge on this subject I now I eat more than I ever did before, because I'm eating the right things! You can treat yourself once in awhile, but you need to maintain portion control which is a problem for most.

Jason is an extremely healthy eater, I know this because I am the one who feeds him! However Jason does eat extremely healthy and definitely burns off his calories because of his job, however he has an issue with portion control! He has a very healthy appetite and after a long day of being on his feet he comes home and could easily eat 5 plate fulls. Its scary to think how many calories you actually consume in for instance a restaurant portion. What is one of the most common parts of a restaurant recommendation you hear? "The portions are huge" this is often referred to as a pro, the more you see the more you will eat. An example of a correct portion size is comparable to a Lean Cuisine dinner.

Ive gotten on a little bit of a rant here now, but my point is that a healthy lifestyle is so important.. you only live once and this is the body you get, treat it right! You don't have to go to extremes and work out 5 hours a day and live of chicken and salads, any little change in the right direction is a good one! Everyone starts somewhere!

I'm not an expert but I try hard, if for no other reason than when I am in shape and eating well I feel amazing, I feel less lethargic, I feel motivated, I want to get dressed and don't need to go through 50 outfits to find something I'm happy with. I have so many things in my life to be thankful for therefore I want to have the best attitude I can while enjoying them!

If you are looking for a more fit life, or even a way to make small change please feel free to contact me! I have some great resources and wonderful people to put you in contact with!

Remember it just takes one step!

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  1. Wow what a great post. Very motivational, and also hilarious as I am constantly watching people. I find their habits and quirks fascinating and tend to imitate them when they aren't looking.

    If you want you should try the 30 day challenges me and a group of gals are doing starting June 1st.

    Let me know if you want to try it out and I will send you the info.

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