Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Big Hair Dont Care? I dont think so!

For those of you who don't know me, I have a TON of hair! I often sweep the floors and wonder how its possible I'm not bald!

Ive always had a lot of hair, I was born that way, I come by it honestly and when people look at me and tell me what beautiful hair I have, I graciously thank them all the while thinking they have no idea what it takes to make me look presentable! The length of my hair generally varies, I absolutely love long hair but its usually an indicator to cut it when I lay in the tub, go to get up and fear snapping my neck! That however is not the only reason I have come to the decision to cut my hair in the past! I believe wrecking the vacuum, having it caught in the car door, not being able to find a hair tie I don't snap with the first use, finding it in all my food, and choking on it more than once in a day... just to name a few!

I really truly hate short hair and have very rarely in my life ever had it, I can think of three times that stand out to me, once when I was a child and my mom did it herself because it was unmanageable and if you can believe it I wasn't overly cooperative in letting her properly maintain it, when I cut of 16 inches for locks for love and this past summer when I had some sort of moment of stupidity and cut it to my shoulders.. madness. I sometimes find myself wanting a change and when it comes to my hair it gives me extreme anxiety. I have red hair and so coloring it is always a consideration, however at my age I have absolutely NEVER done so, not of any kind! No color, highlights, etc. I often consider cutting my hair off, knowing darn well the moment I do it I will hate it, but on occasion I get ballsy in the stylist chair and regret it not long after! I look ridiculous with short hair because along with having a lot of thick hair I have very curly hair.. short hair causes me to wake up looking like Diana Ross! Its a lot of work to maintain it, at least with longer hair in a pinch I can throw it in a bun and run!

I try really hard to take good care of my hair, aside from the fact that my flat iron is practically my right hand! I do however use a heat protector and the fact that I don't generally blow dry or color my hair helps! I don't often have terrible split ends or dandruff, if I notice either of these things I invest in products to fix it! I am a huge fan of Tresemme's leave in conditioner, as well as the fabulous product that is Moroccan oil! I on occasion use Tresemme dry shampoo as well. In my experience Tresemme is a really great and relatively inexpensive for hair products.

While living in Alaska with the extremely dry air I started to notice some flake.. BAD NEWS! As much as I hate flakes its the itchy scalp that drives me bananas! So I immediately went to the salon where I got my hair cut and invested in their shampoo and conditioner which quickly remedied my issue! Let me just tell you a little piece of advice Ive learned from experience, for years I made the mistake of using a 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner, it was quick and easy and with all the hair I have washing my hair is a job in itself let alone shaving my legs all in one "quick" shower. DO NOT USE 2 IN 1 LEAVE IN SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER! There is a reason why even hotels give complimentary bottles of each! If you start to see minor issues with your hair and you are a user of the 2 in 1... make that switch first!

Now that we are in Saskatchewan and they have notoriously bad water, especially where we are I found my problem of itching and flaking evolved quicker than ever. I'm not even kidding you when I say my head was bleeding it was so dry, when I would brush and straighten my hair I would be surrounded by a white circle of flakes that I would have to sweep up, literally. I honestly was at my wits end and willing to try and spend anything! I went to the only hair salon in town, Dolly Sue's (no I'm not kidding) and spoke to a very nice girl with extremely out of control multicolored hair! She advised me of a few products and although I was willing to spend anything at that point I wanted to make sure it was going to work.

This is what I left with!

KMS California head remedy has a lot of things going for it that most dandruff shampoos do not, its not thick and heavy, and it smells great! I literally started seeing a difference the first week I was using it! I use it 3 times a week and leave it in for a minute or two, before rinsing. Amazing results.

Check out KMS California Products HERE!

Now I cant give all the credit to just the shampoo because I have paired it with a random conditioner, because as I said I like to try things and make sure they work before I dive in with my debit card! So here is the unlikely pair...

Tea Tree <3 If nothing more this product smells absolutely amazing! I purchased just the tiny sample bottle because that in itself was $13.00 and for a larger bottle was $50.00 so I wanted to make sure it was going to do the job. I honestly have nothing bad to say about this product. This conditioner is noticeably thicker than most conditioners and although I have a lot of hair this requires so little to make a difference. Again I leave it in for a minute or two before thoroughly rinsing.

You can buy this at The Bodyshop and local salons (at least around here!)

I leave you on a good note that my hair problems have been resolved for the moment, and although I am very happy with these products I am planning to try something else just to see what my options are, at least this time I will have something I know is great to fall back on!

Before I part ways I will however leave you with this! I always straighten my hair and have had many flatirons over the years but nothing has ever compared to my current partner in crime... The GHD Flatiron!

This here is my beauty!

I absolutely LOVE my flatiron, it heats up in seconds, straightens my hair in no time with minimal damage and has an automatic shutoff for those of you who are like me and would forget your head if it wasn't attached! Spend the money, I promise its worth every cent!

To visit their website please click HERE!

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