Thursday, May 30, 2013

Magazine Love!

What is better than a latte and some magazines? When I need some time to relax, I absolutely love to curl up on the couch with a warm blanket, a hot drink and some magazines.

I honestly don't remember a time when I didn't read magazines! When I was a teen I got all of those Teen magazines with all of the young heart throbs from the popular TV shows.. who wasn't in love with Johnathon Taylor Thomas or Andrew Keegan when they were 12 years old? As I got older I read Seventeen and than Cosmopolitan and now the list of magazines I read is lengthy. I will admit with hesitation that I have a secret obsession with trashy magazines.. don't judge me! I cant help it, when I'm at the grocery store they literally scream at me to buy them, and the bigger story that I see on the front page the more I want it. I consider it a major feat if I depart any store selling such material and I don't have one in and amongst my goods!

However I don't read as many magazines as I once did and for one reason, they are so expensive! With our upcoming travels I like to have some magazines to read on the plane so I purchased a home decorating magazine (cheating on fashion with furniture ;) ) and Allure, those two magazines were $12.00!! I'm not being cheap but good lord, $12.00!! If I sit down and read those I can be done in less than an hour and then what?

I see people with magazines all the time, who doesn't whip one out of their purse at Starbucks, have them stacked on their coffee table, neatly piled on their desk... are we really OK with paying a small fortune for a guilty pleasure? Truth be told I am, however Jason is convinced that anything you can buy and read in a magazine you can read online... and he may be right. For me its the act of holding it in my hand, flipping through the pages, looking at the pictures! So much of our lives involve social media and computers, sometimes its nice to stray away.

I still cant help but wonder why people buy them? I personally buy them and pass them on, I feel better about spending the money if other people get to enjoy them with me! I often wish there were magazine swaps (as I wish there were more book swaps because although I have an Nook I love, I do love a good book)! Not only do I buy them and pass them on, I buy them and read them cover to cover... even the articles that mean absolutely nothing to me because I feel like I must get my moneys worth. I do not decorate my coffee table with them but on occasion I will keep a Women's health on the bookshelf to reference back to for work outs and such!

After doing a little big of research I have come to the conclusion that the most cost effective way to be a magazine reader is to purchase a subscription, for most publications anyways! That will not hep your grocery store impulse buys but it will save you a few pennies if you buy the monthly issue of the same magazines.

So tell me, what is your favorite magazine and what do you do with them after you're don reading them?

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  1. I use to have a subscription to Cosmo because I found it was way cheaper to buy the subscription then it was to buy them every month.

    I would always bring them into work and read at my desk and share it with the other girls in the office. After a year if there were any articles in it I liked I would rip those pages out and then get rid of the magazine.

    I have a Kobo but I'm the same way as you. If I purchase a Kobo book and like it I will most likely go out and buy the actual novel as sometimes I feel the need to get into my most comfy pjs, curl up in my rocking chair and read away.