Sunday, May 12, 2013

Greetings from Regina!

Well not really actually because I'm home writing this, but not the point that is what I'm going to chat about because that indeed was our day!

So we decided this weekend that we would use Jason's one day off to head to the city for a change of scenery because this place is really getting to both of us. Its really hard with Jason having worked until 9:00pm a lot of nights this week and not really doing anything. My life pretty much consists of this apartment and the gym and Jason's life consists of work, this apartment and the gym and I'm really sure the only place either of us like being is the gym.. my because I get to tan. Haha!

Last night Jason actually got home early and we had dinner and headed to the gym early which was great because it was dead! I actually do like the gym, especially because when we got here I felt so bad about myself having packed on all kinds of traveling pounds I had worked so hard to lose in Alaska. It really is amazing how hard it is to get in shape but how easy it is to lose it. We were traveling and away from the gym for a month and my jeans don't fit.. I honestly don't even know how that happened! I didn't think we ate that horribly, but I guess compared to what we are use to and we go to the gym at least 4 times a week and we weren't.. so naturally I became a porker! We started back to the gym this month and Ive been really watching what I eat, doing yoga every morning and going to the gym at night and I can already tell a HUGE difference, I feel better about myself, my clothes are starting to fit again (some of them...) and I'm increasing the amount of weight I can lift again.. it feels great! Tanning is just a nice little bonus after a hard workout!

Not to mention the fact, since going to the gym Ive learned something pretty friggin' hilarious! Ya'll know that episode of Friends where Rachel doesn't want to run with Phoebe because she looks like shes nuts? No? OK well before I continue you have to know what I'm talking about... Watch this little clip.

Well apparently Jason jumps rope like Phoebe runs!!! HILARIOUS! Honestly Ive never seen anything like it in my life and no unfortunately I don't take my phone to the gym to get even a picture of this comedy! At first I was stunned, I stopped skipping myself and just stared at him with no words.. I was thinking.. "WTF is he doing" but I could laugh or speak I just stared... then I bust out laughing! Good lord it was HILARIOUS! His face was all smushed and he was whipping the rope around so hard and jumping all over the place, it seriously is the best thing Ive ever seen at the gym! Truth be told I go to the gym to tan and watch Jason skip now!

Anyways we got home last night and decided to watch a movie.. WELL! Have you ever seen the movie with Liam Nissan? WELL DONT! Stupidest movie I have ever seen in my life.. I will never ever get those two hours of my life back and for that I am pissed!

Did you just watch the "teaser"? Well they hype it up to be this great survival story of the Alaskan wilderness.. SURVIVAL MY ASS!!! The flipping plane crashes and they all get eaten by the wolves, one by one.. end of movie. WTF IS THAT??? Whats worse is Jason just saw a wolf driving home from work the other night and kept saying over and over that he was going to have nightmares.. I was just mad.

So this morning we got up and ready excited for the beautiful weather and a change of scenery and headed to Regina. We have been to Regina before when we were living in Saskatoon but truth be told I don't remember much of it as my short term memory is pretty pathetic and we really didn't do a lot of exploring we went to look into buying a laptop at Best Buy!

We got there just at the mall was opening and toured around there for awhile, truth be told its so hard to go into stores in Canada now and see the inflated prices! Paying $30.00 more for something I know is way cheaper in the States just doesn't make sense. It was great to get a Booster Juice and tour around though. However we made our way to Lululemon and naturally you can imagine my excitement, my favorite store and all but Jason proceeded to tell me that I didn't NEED anything there and that I have a TON of clothes from there.. blah blah blah.. I left mad with nothing in hand.

Overall the day was fine, there really isn't a lot in Regina either but I'm not complaining because its still better than here! I got a Starbucks and really that's all that counts!

I took a bunch of pictures on the way there and back, mostly of farm land and all the flooding for you guys to see! These pictures pretty much represent the scenery all the way from Estevan to Regina and back! The few at the end are probably duplicates I just played around with on Instagram...

In conclusion we are back safe and sound, not to travel anywhere Im sure until our much awaited roll out May 31st! At which time you will get no pictures of our travel to Regina because we have to leave Estevan at 2:30am!

I promise to blog more tomorrow, I have some recipes I want to share!

I also want to wish all the Mama's out there a VERY HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!! Especially my wonderful mother who I dont know what I would do without!

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