Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sunday Funday!

Good Afternoon Weekenders!

Hopefully everyone is enjoying the lovely weekend, from the pictures you all share I see that everyone is having better weather than we are here! Unfortunately we've had a week of cold and rain here! Today is overcast, with thunderstorms this afternoon and this evening so I figured it was a perfect day to make a big pot of homemade chicken noodle soup! I don't actually like noodles in soup, that was Jason's request. I have a issue with soggy noodles, so I can just pick them out!

Overall it has been a quiet weekend here, Jason had to work all weekend which isn't necessarily unusual and with the crappy weather I haven't really done a whole lot. Last night we did however head to the Orpheum theatre to see the new Fast & the Furious movie! Usually when movies come out that have many movies in the series the more they come out with the less exciting they are... but I am happy to report this one might have been better than the first! On top of an already fabulous movie a few seconds into the credits they showed previews from the next movie which also looked pretty incredible!

So this week is pretty exciting, the count down is on until vacation time! Our flight leaves Friday morning at 6:20am I believe (Jason's booking, not mine) which is kind of unfortunate because we will have to leave Estevan just after 2:00am! We will land in Toronto just after 10:00am and Jason will head north with the boys! Monday morning we will leave super early and drive to North Carolina which we couldn't be more excited for! We have our studio visit Tuesday for the house and then off to see the Seavey's Tuesday night!! We will be back in Toronto late Thursday night for Jason to head back up north for the weekend before flying back here Sunday night!

This week I have a lot to post, so I hope you check in!I'm still getting the hang of the new layout so please bare with me! If you haven't subscribed by email please do so! You can also follow me on

Happy Memorial Day!

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  1. Like the new look! Gorgeous photo of you! Have a great trip home and to NC!