Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Night Before a Trip!

The night before a vacation should be exciting, not stressful! I personally do not enjoy packing as I am a compulsive over packer and feel like no matter how much I have packed I still need more. However tonight's events go beyond the regular night before vacation stress!

It has been super rainy all day which is fine with me because I had no intentions of venturing out with all the things that needed to be done before we leave! I had to do laundry, clean, pack and make sure everything was ready on my end because when Jason got home he needed to eat and pack because we have to leave here at 2:00am so we wanted to be in bed early and relaxing!

Well Jason ended up being an hour late, got home and had dinner. While I cleaned up he got in the shower so I could get in right after and early enough that I could wash, dry and straighten my hair before going to bed so not to have to tackle it in the morning! As Jason was getting out of the shower I heard this noise and I went searching.. there was water coming out of the ceiling in the dining room... I kid you not! There really is a HUGE list of things that are wrong in this apartment and NOTHING has been addressed in the month since giving the list to management. However tonight when the ceiling started leaking EVERYWHERE I was a little less patient than I have been. Maintenance came, looked at the leak and said he was going to check with the people upstairs because yes there are people living above us! Well he never came back and the roof continues to leak... keep in mind we are leaving at 2:00am. I am so furious, this is the last thing I want to worry about when leaving and this crappy weather is suppose to get worse!

We have to leave earlier than expected because the weather is pretty awful and it seems doubtful that we will improve on time getting there. So I'm sitting drying my hair (on the couch because the bathroom in this apartment does not have an electrical outlet... again I'm not kidding) and a fuse blows and all the lights go out in the living room and kitchen!!! Again, I'm not lying. I almost lost my cool!!

So I am getting ready for bed now, I know very well that I wont be sleeping but I figure rest is better than nothing and when we get there tomorrow we can take a nap before everyone gets off work!


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