Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Again.. I slack!


So as per usual I have dropped the ball when it comes to keeping up with blogging and keeping you all posted! Honestly what is worse is that Ive actually had more time off in the last two weeks than I have had in all the time that Ive been here in this short amount of time.. but with free time comes the chance to do things and the need to get things done that usually fall to the wayside because we are always so busy!

So I will back track to Christmas and fill you all in. As you know we had a Christmas Eve party and had quite a good turn out! It was great to have everyone over, we had plenty of food and I really think everyone had a great time. Its hard being away from home at Christmas and this year there was a lot of us not going home so it was nice to get together, it made it feel a lot more like the holidays! Here are a few pictures Tammy took from the night!

Some of the TONS of food that we had that night!

My stocking hanging on the mantle and out pretty Christmas tree!

Jason, Josh & Glenn

Victor & Jason

Victor junior with Imelda, Melissa & Camilla.. me in the background!
The best Christmas present of all this year was the fact that Jason ended up not having to work. I really had done everything I could to talk myself into being OK with him having to work and we would just make the best of the situation but Christmas morning looking at all the gifts under the tree I really couldn't have imagined how hard it would have been if he wasn't here.
We got up in the morning and had coffee and opened gifts, it was great! We were so happy with everything this year, we decided to get more practical gifts then bigger gifts because who knows when we will be leaving and where we will be going. I hate that for so many years we buy each other great gifts and they sit in Maine in a closet or something because we cant take them with us because we don't have the room. So this year we went with very practical gifts and we were very happy.
We are so grateful to everyone who bought for us, all the wonderful gifts and cards we received. Mom and Dad you guys went above and beyond this year with gifts and we couldn't be more grateful, everything is extremely appreciated and will go to very good use!
Here are a few pictures from Christmas morning!! To see the rest, you probably got the album I sent from Snapfish!
Christmas Morning!

The handmade Christmas ball Mom & Dad ordered for Jason. It was made and hand painted in Craig, Alaska.. amazing!

The ball is gorgeous.. you cant see it in these pictures but it has Jason's name on it and Alaska 2012

I'm not sure what I was opening here.

Haha I wonder where this came from.

Jason's handmade cribbage board, I had it made in Minnesota via a friend of Mel & Jason.

YAY! A new lulu hoodie!

The aftermath!
After Christmas was back to work unfortunately. Naturally it was completely dead there between Christmas and New Years which made for extremely long days! Unfortunately we had a bit of an issue at work as well. Carl our maintenance man, who is absolutely wonderful injured his foot! He was having flu like symptoms and just very unwell and when he went to the doctor you wouldn't believe what he found. Carl is diabetic and one of the side effects is that because of poor circulation he has absolutely no feeling in his feet! Well turns out he stepped on a staple and it went up in his foot and got severely infected.. so much so that they had to do surgery and took one of his toes and literally filleted his foot apart. I talked to Carl the other day and things were looking a lot better, definitely on the positive things of what the outcome could have been. I'm really not sure when Carl will come back to work which sucks but we are thinking about him and sending him happy healthy thoughts. If hes still in the hospital this week I think Jason and I will go and see him.
So last night was New Years eve and of course Jason had to work today so we didn't really have a lot on the go. We had went out the night before to an Aces hockey game and then went to the bar for a drink and Jason didn't get a lot of sleep.. probably because its warmed up so much and all his beloved snow is melting! Check out Tanya and I enjoying the beautiful sight of rain!

So last night we decided that we would go downtown for fireworks and get a drink and then come home! Jason absolutely loves fireworks so although he was absolutely exhausted last night from very little sleep he made the best and we headed out not long after he got home from work. It was really nice out and because Anchorage really isn't all that big there wasn't a TON of people downtown by any means! The firework show was absolutely amazing.. I mean extremely impressive!

After the fireworks we head to McGinley's Irish pub for a drink! We were very lucky to get there when we did and get a table and enjoyed a couple of drinks before heading home! We managed to get in one good picture of us too!!

Today Jason had to work so Tanya and I decided that we would go on a little adventure, although it probably wasn't wise we decided that we would drive towards Girdwood... we definitely didn't make it far unfortunately! As soon as we got on the New Seward highway there was warnings about blizzard conditions along Turnagain arm.. so we took a few pictures and headed back into the city! We did a bunch of shopping yesterday so today we were pretty low key, ended the day with some much needed grocery shopping and came home!

Tomorrow is back to work unfortunately, I really enjoyed my time off so much and honestly it makes it so hard to go back. I'm ready for this job to be over, to move on to whatever is next.

I hope that everyone had a very happy New Year! I'm sorry I haven't been around in awhile.. I get sidetracked easily! I will make a point to be better.. although I know what you're thinking.. Yeah yeah you always say that.. but I'm seriously going to try! GOD GIVE A SISTER A BREAK!

I hope you all enjoyed the pictures from Christmas I sent earlier tonight! I promise to be back before the week is out!

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