Friday, January 25, 2013


Its true... WE'RE GOING TO HAWAII!!!!!!!

Honestly after a year in the arctic I really couldn't be more excited to tell you all that we have officially booked ticket to vacation in Hawaii for 9 whole today's! We will leave Anchorage and fly to Waikiki on Oahu Island for 3 days to see the Pearl Harbor site and tour around and then we will fly form Waikiki to Maui for 6 days!!! We are still in the planning phases of what exactly we will be doing there but so far we know in Honolulu we will see Pearl Harbor and all of that do some shopping and see the big city! We will fly on a small plane to Maui where we are planning to see a volcano, rent a car and drive the road to Hana, we are going to snorkel, surf, and relax!!

I do have a pretty good idea as to where we will be going after this but I am really lacking a lot of details at this point so I don't know if its a good time to tell everyone or not.

I do know that we will be packing up the apartment and leaving here on February 28th which is going to be absolutely crazy because I will be working up until the 28th. I told Deanna that I really don't know what is going to happen and she basically said that she isn't going to be here and they haven't hired someone to do my job so plain and simple I have to work.

Well I guess I might as well go into why that might be hard. We are now officially (and I say officially is the lowest sense of the word on account that we never know we are going somewhere for sure until we are on our way there) going to Estevan, Saskatchewan! Yes we are going back, only this time FAR FAR away from Saskatoon in a LITTLE town that borders North Dakota.

I cant say I'm thrilled, I don't want to go there.. we had figured nothing would come after this job, and if anything it would be Peru which I had basically prepared myself for.. but I wanted to buy a house and go home for a visit and spend time in North Carolina. Really I'm just overwhelmed that this has all happened so suddenly.

Since Saturday we have found out that we are going, told that they want Jason there before anyone else. They need Jason in Oakville Ontario for training and although Charlie wants him there ASAP, Kris is saying he cant leave this job until the end of February. We had expected to stay there until the end of March.. both of us finish work at the end of February and then go to Hawaii and spend some time enjoying the rest of Alaska and then leave.. drive south and buy a house.. now all of that is changed! We are leaving a month earlier.. going to another job, Jason may have to leave ASAP to go to Oakville.. that's all still up in the air.

They know that we have booked a trip so that is definitely going to happen. Charlie mentioned Jason leaving from here and flying to Oakville for a couple of weeks and then coming back to go to Hawaii and then going right to SK. That still may happen it will be up to all of them to fight out where he is needed most. I think it makes sense for me to stay here and pack up our stuff and sell the furniture and finish work so we don't have to pay February's rent. We'll see how all that plays out though.

Ideally Jason and I would stay here together until the end of February, both finish work and pack. Ship the truck and fly to Hawaii then fly from Hawaii to Seattle get the truck and drive to Saskatchewan!

In case any of you were wondering its only $625.00 round trip from Toronto to Regina which is about 2 hours from Estevan.

In and amongst all of this we are dealing with Immigration which is really hard on me as always, we have everything and Jason has been in contact with the lawyer and she said everything looks good.. but its just waiting. Unfortunately we will probably have to fly from SK to Maine to have my biometrics done at some point but that is what it is.

So really that's our scoop right now, if any of you feel that is a lot of information in a short amount of time.. welcome to my world.

Well I have to run and get ready for work. I hope you all had a great week and have a great weekend!!

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