Sunday, December 23, 2012


Although I am posting this on Christmas eve EVE, none of you will actually read it until Christmas Eve.. so I feel like I'm safe with my title!

I hope you are all ready for Christmas!!! Believe it or not Jason actually went out today to finish some Christmas shopping.. craziness! In the last few years I have tried really hard to be ahead of the game and get things done so I don't have to worry about it. This year I was a little more behind then I ever care to be but I really had a hard time deciding what to get anyone, especially Jason!

I have to tell you Ive been eating well lately! I'm not sure if you saw he picture I posted on Facebook the other day of my lunch at the Bear's Tooth! I don't usually post pictures on there and I know it wasn't the best picture.. you have to bare with me, my camera on my phone is worse and worse but its all I have until we get back to the lower 48. Anyways I LOVE the lunch menu at the Bear's Tooth, I always get the same thing generally and its always amazing! Check it out, Anaheim Turkey club with fresh roasted turkey, avocado, sprouts and some kind of sauteed pepper, bacon and a garlic mayo.. INCREDIBLE!! Not to mention the side of garlic cilantro fries!! TO DIE FOR!!

On Wednesday morning Tammy invited us all over for a traditional southern breakfast! Everyone knows how much I miss the south.. the southern hospitality, the heat and of course biscuits and gravy! Well Tammy is your perfect definition of a southern belle! She was born and raised in Mississippi and her cooking shows! We went over Wednesday morning and Tammy had made homemade biscuits from scratch and homemade country gravy.. SO GOOD! I could have just sat there all day and ate.. I absolutely LOVE biscuits and gravy and Tammy's was the BEST Ive ever had! Check out these biscuits!
Now after breakfast Tammy whipped out a new Christmas present.. or an early Christmas present I should say! Did I mention shes from Mississippi?
PINK CAMO! Haha I sent Jason this pictures and he wrong back and said "NO WAY, I didn't know you could buy your wife a gun for Christmas! Guess what you're getting next year!" HAHA! She was quite excited about it!
We also had a work Christmas lunch this past week which was nice! We went to the Olive Garden which is always a fan favorite and it was a nice time. What was even better though was later on that day Tom wrote me an email and said that because the next two weeks are screwed up work weeks he would like to change my days off until Monday, which means I don't have to work Christmas eve or New Years eve!!!!!!! Which means in short.. 2 THREE DAY WEEKENDS IN A ROW!!  Honestly I couldn't be more excited!! Talk about Christmas spirit! Tomorrow would have been a short day anyways but it is so great not to have to go in! I managed to get a TON done for tomorrow so I can just hang out with the ladies all day which I always look forward to!
Our apartment is starting to look a lot like Christmas too, we have a plethora of Christmas Cards this year which is always nice! The residents at work have been extremely generous this year with cards and gift cards! I don't think we have ever had this many!

Today I really spent majority of the day baking! I did gingerbread cookies, sugar cookies and chocolate chip cookies! I planned to also do peppermint whoopie pies but I didn't get that far.. I started cleaning and and organizing! I got mostly everything done for tomorrow so I think we will sit back and enjoy the snow and wait for everyone to get here!
So all of this shopping and baking apparently took a lot out of Jason because this is how he spent his afternoon!
Haha! Jason!
So we would like to wish you all a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS, from our home to yours! I'm really not sure how Christmas is going to play out for us this year.. its still a hope that Jason wont be working but that's not extremely likely.. so we'll see! If I have a chance I will try and make it back here on Christmas Day!
We love you all! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!


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