Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Gym.. an Explanation!

Well I thought I would clarify a few things, Ive been meaning to talk about this for awhile and tonight was my breaking point!

Why does one go to the gym? Right now a lot of people are there with new memberships to most likely temporarily fulfill a new years resolution to lose 20lbs! But really what is the right reason to go to the gym? To lose weight, to feel better about yourself, to spend your spare time productively, to get yourself into better health? All of those are good reasons to go to the gym.

But let me be clear about a few things, the gym is NOT a fashion show, just because you can squeeze into something it DOES NOT mean it fits you or by any means looks decent and or appropriate! The gym is NOT a place to play dress up and pose on the machines with your friends that people would actually like to use while taking pictures to post on your social media site of choice. The gym is not a place to get together with friends to catch up on whats been happening since your last get together, YOU ARE IN THE WAY!!!

If you really feel that it is totally necessary to do these things at the gym then make a point of staying out of the way of people who are there for the right reasons or expect to be pushed, made fun of or asked to move.. if you by chance encounter someone more polite then myself!

What the hell ever happened to Starbucks? Go there and drink water and talk about life not the gym!

I know Ive vented about this before but towards the holidays and end of the year it seems to all go away, everyones ambition peters out and people done bother going as much if at all.. but now every night the gym is PACKED, hot and smells like sweat! Sadly 35% of those people are just taking up space!


I hope everyone had a good Monday, my Monday was absolutely CRAZY! I was so happy when the day came to an end! Tomorrow is going to be a very low key day which I am really looking forward to. Tanya and I are going to go paint ceramics in the morning and then Costco and a cool used book store.. all of this including Starbucks naturally! I'm really looking forward to having the day off and then Jason and I are headed to the gym tomorrow night.

You know although I'm really not seeing a difference from all my clean eating and gym going, not to mention the water guzzling I really feel amazing! I feel so much better about myself going to the gym than sitting on the couch, I feel less stressed and like I have more energy! All the talking we were doing about Hawaii in the back of my head I was always thinking about how uncomfortable I would be in the bathing suit and now I'm excited! I know if I keep working hard I will feel great for our amazing adventure!

Did I mention the gym makes me tired? I think I'm going to get ready for bed!

Good Night!

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  1. Loved this post Nicole. Im lucky enough to have a gym located in our Condo that I am trying to put to good use. Mostly because a doctor told me for health reason to get in better shape. Im lucky I dont have to deal with the fashion show of the gym. I totally respect people who tell others to move off a piece of equipement because they would like to use it.