Friday, January 18, 2013

Jason's Surgery

Well hello all,

First I would like to start off by defending my lack of blogging in that the firggin' thing hasn't been working! I don't know what the deal is but it wont let me upload pictures or anything and I have been so furious about the whole thing, what a huge fat pain in the ass!

Its been a really stressful week let me tell you! We are again having to send in a bunch of stuff to immigration to prove that we are married and legitimately together, its not a big deal because we are its just collecting the stuff that they require. We got most of it right away but they asked for affidavits from friends and family who have witnessed our relationship. Well its so hard to get those when we travel around all the time and there aren't many people who really spend time with us on a regular basis. Anyways I feel confident in the letters that we have asked for and am so grateful to all the people who jumped right on the ball, wrote them and spent a fortune to send them to us.. it means so much! Of course none of them got here when they were suppose to and two are still missing, so much for a guarantee.. THANKS USPS!!!

I know its not really all that big of a deal, we only got the list on Monday telling us what we needed but as most of you know I am absolutely obsessive when it comes to immigration and having everything in order and sending it out as soon as possible! So I'm praying when I go home tonight the letters that have been missing will be in the mailbox or there is a notice saying we can pick them up!

On top of all this Jason went to the doctors last week for a physical, FINALLY! I think he got sick of Mom and I nagging him and just gave in. So I called and made him an appointment last week and he went in on Thursday. Everything was good except that they decided to remove a mole on his back! Jason has been worried about this spot forever and honestly I didn't think that it had any of the characteristics that they say to look for in a mole that may have cause for concern. Well apparently the doctor thought otherwise so Jason went in yesterday to have it removed. Well let me tell you they did a complete hack job, he has like 5 stitches in his back!! I couldn't believe it when I took the bandage off last night!! Lets see if it will let me upload some pictures..

Nope still nothing.. I have to email these assholes and see what the deal is. I don't want to change blogs now but this is a huge pisser!

So naturally Jason is whining like you wouldn't believe, feels like hes been shot, cant do anything.. its an all round bad deal!

At work they have not hired anyone to replace me which SUCKS because I don't want to give up all of my Tuesday's off that month when I know we are going to be moving too.

We are in the midst of going to book things for Hawaii which is super exciting, Jason will be done work very soon and our plan as of right now was to still stay into March and get around Alaska and go to Hawaii and then ship the truck down to Seattle and head out!

I know you are all probably wondering what is next for us and really I have an idea but I don't want to say just yet until we know more. If any of you are anything like me you will get your hopes up for something and then it wont happen. Right now things are still up in the air and so we are playing it by ear. We still have the intention at this moment of heading south to buy a house and heading home for a visit. Again.. I have no idea what is going to happen in the next couple of weeks. I just got an email from Jason saying the plant passed performance testing which means the client is going to accept it and we are definitely out of here!

I'm excited but let me tell you Tom and Deanna are going to have a really hard time! We have move vacancies right now than we have ever had and they are about to lose a TON more! I wrote every ones vacate letters today!!

Anyways I am going to get ready to head home soon, I thought I would stop in and give y'all an update! I'm so pissed I cant post those pictures of Jason's back.. I will see about putting them on snapfish for those of you who I think would actually care to see it! In the mean time though I'm going to email some tech support or something and get this shit fixed!

Hope everyone is having a good week, I will be back around in the next few days!

Oh I also have some snow pictures to post as in the last week we really have gotten quite a bit and they are calling for more this weekend!!


  1. Hey I was having the same issues with blogger with my blog. Try using Chrome Google, or Firefox. This worked for me.

  2. Thanks Paula!! Ive been going crazy! Do I have to download it?